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    Now I thought I would write a little more in detail about the liquid eyeliner pen ”Paese Penliner”!

    I think it's really good! I especially love the intense black color, it really turns carbon black. In addition, it is so easy to paint with, the tip is perfectly narrow and soft and it is not difficult at all to get a perfectly sharp and even eyeliner.

    The formula is water-resistant and rubb-proof, in other words it can withstand both rubbing and water but not both at the same time. So it lasts super well all day, I have not had any problems at all at that point even though I have such sensitive eyes when it is so sunny outside! :)

    The eyeliner contains glycerin which moisturizes the skin, as well as D-Panthenol which is extracted from wheat bran. D-Panthenol soothes and moisturizes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect as it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Can also help with itching.


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    Costs 189 kr HERE!


    Here you see the perfect eyeliner tip according to my taste :)


    The color becomes dull and not at all plastic as many water-resistant eyeliners can become. Nice, is not it? :)


    The only thing I have not understood yet is that it should have some kind of duo-tip, which I did not even know about until I would write in more detail about it in the webshop. It is included in descriptions of it, and it has such a symbol on it, but how do you do it and what happens? Have not found a picture anywhere haha!

    I have tried to screw and pry on it but still do not understand if it should be possible to change in any way or what a dup tip is. Miska's conclusion was "everyone is probably wrong" and I am almost ready to agree with him. But with or without duo-tip, it is in any case very good and can be recommended :)


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      • I am very oily but have not had any problems, but waterproof does not mean oilproof so it obviously depends on how much oil it is about. But like I said, I'm very oily but it has not moved out of the stain anyway! :)

      • Jahaa, maybe feels like an unnecessary trait even though it is positive, how often do you have time to wear out the tip before the eyeliner is finished? :)

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