Lip Tattoo - Return Visit

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Was on a return visit with my lip tattoo today, you then check if the color feels right and fill in if needed.

We also put a little highlighter in the middle of the lips and also a little around, for a little extra volume!

And hahaha, yeah, so I look now! How swollen I became !! Much worse than last time for unknown reasons. Clean frame lip augmentation! :)

In addition, it looks extra fun because Annika only tattooed the contours where it was needed, so I am very uneven now before it has healed.

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Hahaha, ja ni ser ju! Sickly fun :)

I usually look like this.

Yes shit then, I almost do not want the swelling to subside;)…


I look like a moviestar…;)


Updates you with the final result when it has healed!

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