Permanent makeup - General info

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    Glad that many wanted to know more about permanent make up, I thought to divide everything into different posts so you do not have to read a whole essay at once :)

    I thought I would start with some general info!


    I have tattooed eyebrows, lashliner, inliner and lips, at Annika Söderlund at Creative Make Up in Uppsala.


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    What is permanent makeup?
    Permanent make up, or cosmetic micropigmentation, is when tattooing makeup to correct or enhance the natural features.


    What is the difference between permanent makeup and a regular tattoo?
    The tattoos pale with time, which is a conscious choice so that you can change colors and lines as the skin changes with age. The needle does not go as deep, and the colors are there to fade.

    If you want to continue to have the tattoo, you have to fill in at regular intervals, but filling in is cheaper than doing the tattoo from the beginning.


    Does it hurt?
    Unlike a regular tattoo, this does not hurt much, because you use an effective one anesthetic cream which is allowed to work for 15 minutes.

    Me personally (which has a low pain threshold) thinks that the lips hurt the least, then the eyebrows and eyes were just uncomfortable on getting reflexes. However, you close your eyes all the time when you tattoo your eyes, which felt pretty good.

    But nothing directly hurt, it can feel a little in some places, but it makes it worse to pick the eyebrows than to tattoo them! My sister who has done her eyebrows twice has stopped using anesthesia because she thinks it is unnecessary.


    How long does it last?
    How long the tattoo lasts depends on age, skin type and how dark the color you choose. Dark brown brows last longer than blondes. But it can also be affected by metabolism, weather, skin care products and sun.

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    Normal shelf life for eyebrows is about 1-5 years, 2-5 years for lips and 5-8 years for eyeliner. If you use white paint along the waterline, the result will be permanent.


    What does permanent makeup cost?
    Tattoos are quite expensive (here there is Creative Make Up's price list). But there are package prices if you want to do several tattoos at the same time.

    Take no risks !! Do not go for a cheap tattoo artist who can be frivolous! Annika at Creative Make Up often gets customers who have to delete / edit failed tattoos (made both in Sweden and abroad) which will be much more expensive in the end.


    What can you tattoo?
    Eyebrows, lips and eyeliner are the most common, but you can also tattoo highligher, blush and mouch.

    Annika Söderlund, with whom I have tattooed myself, is very creative, and has also done motif tattoos and freckles!

    You can also modify facial features, and for example tattoo your lips larger.

    LPP_TA ~ 1


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    Who does permanent makeup?
    The majority of customers are actually a little older, many want to enhance their natural features that have faded over the years. But anyone can do it for different reasons.

    • People with sparse eyebrows / lashes or indistinct lip contours.
    • People who due to vision changes have difficulty putting on make-up.
    • People who are very stressed and have little time to put on make-up.
    • People who train a lot and want to look good even during the sweatiest workouts.
    • People who suffer from, for example, allergies and watery eyes or experience that the make-up is not left where it should be.
    • People who want to look fresh around the clock, regardless of weather and activity.
    • People who suffer from spotty hair loss or scars on the scalp or eyebrows.



    What happens when the tattoos heal?
    It usually takes about a week for a tattoo to heal. Immediately afterwards, you are often swollen, and the tattoo is several shades darker than the result will be. The tattoo can also look uneven, due to the swelling.

    Permanent makeup heals just like regular tattoos - flakes. This has been quite hard on the lips, but the rest of my tattoos have not been at all awkward in that way. However, the eyes got a lot of "dream sand" during the night, so the eyelashes were stuck together the first two mornings.

    The lips became dry and stiff, in addition, they are very dark immediately afterwards, which attracts attention. Idomine ointment has been my best friend!

    day 1 day 2 lip tattoo


    Just ask if you are wondering more, more pictures will come and also a more detailed description of each individual tattoo :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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