Pictures from the premiere!

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    Jiiiisses how full we've had the last few days! Sorry because the blog has been so quiet, but did not want to publish a lot of quick bad posts "just because" so have thought that you probably have indulgence during this time :)

    Today we opened the doors for Creative Makeup By Her, waaaah !!!

    It's been so much fun! I have talked to so many nice people who have liked both the store and the salon, and have received so much positive response across all brands and the whole concept around everything, a real ego boost :) And all offers have been incredibly appreciated and I have sold a lot products too which is wonderful, so fun to show all the nice stuff in real life ♥

    Here are some pictures from the day!


    Miska fixer with goodiebags :)

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    Our nice salon corner! Here we will make up and do lash and brow treatments on a conveyor belt :)

    All our makeup mirrors come from and all fine paintings are from the artist Kattis Palmnäs!



    This is what it looks like in the entrance when you enter!


    As you know, I can talk about makeup for any length of time, and that's basically what I've been doing all day today, so damn fun!


    My old "blog colleague" Tove Castor came by too! :) She blogged about fashion on (before Laila Bagge and Pernilla Wahlgren left that page in December) but now she blogs at where she is also fashion director!


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    makeup-uppsala IMG_5350_111

    Here you see the pink light we have on the ceiling in the salon corner too, nice huh? :) We have the same at the checkout, and it's so nice outside in the evening when everything is off except the pink.

    We will run an open house tomorrow 10-14 as well, with non-alcoholic bubble and lots of offers :) Hope you who are nearby have the opportunity and desire to come by ♥

    Now Miska and I sit with each foot bath next to each other and watch Idol, but we will cover in bed now and there is nothing else that sounds more attractive, I can talk about haha.

    Kiss on is!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. But god how nice you have got it, and the nice pink glow and the goodie bags in the same color. We who follow you know how you have struggled with this. But it looks super fresh, so you have done well, hugs :)

    2. Hugs and congratulations in abundance. I do not know any store concept that knows more about its products more than what you do. I'm really impressed with you! hug hug

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