Pixi Swatches - H2O Skintint, Concealer, Shea Butter & Eyepen

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    Here is a great post about all the news from Pixi, including several shades for H2O Skintint, Pat Away Concealer, Shea Butter lip balm & endless silky eyepen!

    No product is completely "new new" but there have been more shades of products that have been in the range before :)

    3 darker shades of Pixi H2O Skintint
    I almost jumped for joy when I found out that Pixi has launched three darker shades of its gel foundation Pixi H2O Skintint which is a best-selling product at the salon!

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    This foundation is semi-opaque and you therefore do not need to find a perfect match because the shade is adapted to your own skin tone, but you go by how light / dark you are.

    Previously, the shade Warm was the darkest, which has been completely crazy, but now we can finally recommend these to all customers and we are so happy about it!

    Read more and buy this foundation HERE!

    3 darker shades of Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base
    The same is with the liquid concealer Pat Away Concealing Base which is now also available in 6 shades, so good!

    Here you see all the colors clearly. Some people want a little, a little lighter concealer than their own skin tone to get a discreet lightening e.g. under the eyes.

    This concealer is comprehensive and becomes smooth, fine and matte on the skin.

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    Read more and buy the concealer HERE!

    3 new shades of Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm
    Here comes a more colorful news! The everyday product I use the most - Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - is now available in 6 nice colors!

    These lip balms are caring with, among other things, shea butter and give a nice color to the lips. Either you apply a thin layer and get a very discreet tone on the lips, or you apply a more proper layer and get more color.

    On these swatch pictures on the lips I have painted on a more proper layer! Partly to show the colors more clearly but also because my lip tattoo underneath otherwise means that the color does not really become "right".

    Note that the color is semi-opaque so the final color depends not only on the amount of lip balm but also how dark / light / colorful lip you have naturally underneath.

    Honey nectar, Pixi pink and Ripe raspberry have been around before. So they are new are the redder shade Scarlet sorbet, the peach shade Sweet peach and the neutral "lip color" Natural Rose.

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    The colors are much duller in the sleeve than they are when applied.

    Sweet Peach and Ripe raspberry are my favorites! Ripe Raspberry has been around for a long time and I use it almost every day, even if I apply another lip product in the morning, it often ends up that I improve with this one anyway and it becomes a mixture haha. I think it is so nice and lovely on the lips!

    All shades are so incredibly useful too :)

    Read more and buy these lip balms HERE!

    Last but not least - 3 new shades of Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen!
    These creamy gel pens are now available in these 6 shades, of which Rose glow, Matte mulberry and Slate gray are new!

    Rose glow and Matte mullberry I have fallen in love with!

    The pencils are waterproof and sit like a rock, you need eye makeup remover if you do not have a powerful facial cleanser. I took soap when I washed away from the arm after these pictures and it was barely possible to get rid of at all haha.

    All shades are very useful and incredibly nice :)

    All Pixi's packaging is so heavenly nice too ♥ Read more and buy the pens HERE!

    If you have any questions, as usual, just shout :)







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