Pick Eyebrows

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    I was given the honorary assignment to pluck Kristin's eyebrows the other day :)
    She already had quite narrow eyebrows, so there were not many straws to remove. But I picked many light small straws, and fixed the shape a little.
    Before picking.
    After picking.
    Happened to take "before the picture" at an angle more from the front, so the brow looks shorter before than after.
    I have not conjured it anymore!
     So I filled them in a little too!

    I use these brow shadows from Glo Minerals (Glo Browpowder)
    I think they attach and fit well, and it is above all easy to get the right color if you mixes the shadows. Suitable for dark, light, hot and cold!
    Available for purchase at Creativemakeup.se <-- (Länk)

    Now I'm going to go home and cuddle with my sweetheart!

    Can really agree that it's good for the relationship that miss each other a little. It's so much fun to come home and meet again!

    It's almost 2 years since we met and I'm still new :)

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
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