Powernap and tired laughter

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    Last Wednesday night I only slept 4 anxious hours (have problems sleeping alone and Miska is fishing for a few days) and I had a lot of customers at Creative Makeup yesterday. I did not sit down for a second, and suddenly deeply regretted that I had promised my friend Frida that we would go to Öregrund the following evening.

    But I was a little lucky because my mother was in Uppsala so I could hitchhike with her home. She saw how tired I was and ordered me to take a power nap in the car, and when I woke up again we were in Gimo, but not close to home:
    I - Where are we going?
    Mom - Nowhere, I've been driving around, around, around in Gimo for a long time so you could finish sleeping. So did I when you were a baby too!

    Have you heard anything sweeter? :) Nice mom ♥

    It all ended pretty well anyway, we had a fun but quiet evening in Öregrund and I amused the whole bus with my tired tires on the way home at 4 this morning haha. At first I did not understand that everyone was laughing at me, until the guy in the front seat turned around and said "please can you not laugh again?" Lol.

    Answer yes, my laughter is quite special when I get spontaneous laughter attacks. You may hear it in the podcast sometime if you are lucky;)

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    Anyway, that's me actually would say (Helena babbler Rönnblad) is that now I will go to my mother and sew up a dress, tomorrow morning I have a bridal make-up very early (in the apartment I have to have time to clean too) and then I am a babysitter the rest of Saturday. And then on Sunday, Miska and I will go out and spend time with my dad.

    In other words - if you write emails and comments, I will not have time to answer them until Monday, because the remaining hours of the weekend will only be spent on beauty sleep, because otherwise these days will make me a barn owl;)

    So you know! Hugs are ♥

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