Purple & Gold

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Purple and gold… Is not it one of the world's most beautiful color combinations? :)

Here is such a make-up that is very easy to do, and which highlights the eyes super nicely! In addition, it is a perfect party look if you like relatively light make-up that is still properly visible.


The only thing I have done is to apply a purple eye shadow on the entire eyelid and tone out the edges. And then applied a light, shimmery eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid and in the corner of the eye. And then finished with a gold glittery eyeliner and mascara. Busenkelt!

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The ombre lips are made with the two different lip pens from Golden Rose. Durable and nice :)


Purple eye shadow on the entire eyelid, Byher 40 palette.
Bright, shimmery eye shadow in the corner of the eye and in the middle of the eyelid, Annika's Favorite Shadow.
Gold glitter eyeliner, nail glitter from Depend (not available to buy anymore I think) and I have attached the glitter with Mixing Liquid from Make Up Store.
Mascara on the upper lashes and the outer lower lashes (bad lash day hehe), Magnetic Lash Mascara.

IMG_6403_111 Nail polish, Lumene Gel Effect Lapland Halo.



Hug hug!

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