Purple party makeup

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Got to borrow Miska's system camera this weekend, and Hanna is bringing her to school this week, so now I can promise nice make-up! :)
Have started looking at cameras for myself. But the spring wardrobe must be replenished, and pocket money must be saved the trip abroad on the Easter break that Miska invites me to (!!!)
And I have actually planned to get a tattoo this spring as well, so it will probably take a little more time before I have scraped together enough cuddling…
May spy on others for a while longer. But here comes a nice step by step makeup!
Black eyeliner around the eye, H&M.
Blur the lines.
Purple eye shadow around the eye. Not only into the eyelid, 88 palettes.
Light purple eye shadow on the rest of the eyelid, 88 palettes.
Highlighter in the corner of the eye, Isadora 35 Pearls.
Enhance the black with black eye shadow, and shade it up a bit along the eyeball line, Isadora.
Marscara, Maxfactor False Lash Effect.
The dark purple the lipstick from the lipstick palette, Eleven.
(Have blogged about it recently)

Now I'm going to the gym, even though I have a stomach ache.

Good Helena * Pat on the shoulder *
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