Questions and answers about the video podcast

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    Fun with all the positive feedback about my and Malin's video podcast! We will soon record the next episode, do you have any questions you want us to address?

    This is completely new to us and of course we will try to improve all the small details and take into account everything you write. I thought I would answer some of your comments already now so you know how we think :)

    1. "Film closer to the face"
    We had a bit of decision anxiety about the distance as you probably still want to be able to see my products I have in front of me on the table? It is a detail I myself miss in regular makeup videos, that it gets a little stripped down to always only see the products when the person holds them up next to the face. But maybe it's just me who is an extreme makeup nerd who thinks it's fun to see how the person picks the cans and fills the makeup brush with paint? :) If you turn on full screen, I think you see the makeup pretty well anyway.


    Maybe can start cutting in pictures of the result at the end? Here is at least one picture of the make-up I did in the video:

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    2. "Better quality"
    This point will get better. My system camera does not have auto-focus so we use my sister's digital camera which is much better than many digital cameras. However, I still have plans to buy a new system camera so it may be off soon! Malin also has plans for a new camera in September, so if I have not had time before, it will at least be better then.

    However, Youtube is the biggest reason why the quality has deteriorated, it is much better when you look directly at the computer than it is on Youtube. In addition, it depends on which computer you are sitting at as well (do not know why) because on my mother's computer the quality is much better than on my laptop.

    Do I have a technical reader who knows more exactly how to proceed to get better quality? :) We film with Samsung NX1100 Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera.


    3. "We want to see a little of Malin too"
    Haha, this point is not me who decides but it is just to respect that Malin does not want to be seen in public in that way, but you never know if you get a sneak peek at some point in the future;) But we often hear that we is the same, so imagine a tanned Helena with brown hair and straighter teeth and you have the answer hihi :)



    4. "Shorter movies"
    I can only agree with you that episode 2 got a little too long! You have no idea how bad a time perception you have when I'm doing it, and that I also have a hard time keeping myself short does not make it better;) Some movies will be shorter and some a little longer, but nothing will probably be as long as the last. No longer than 30 minutes is our goal anyway!

    5. “Think it was a fun idea. But became so curious about the primer you used in the beginning that I could hardly concentrate. Felt a strong must have desire. :) Where can I find it, what does it cost, how fast can I get it? : D ”
    Haha I laughed out loud when I read this comment :) Most products I use are from, including the primerMatte Base which is from Paese :) It costs SEK 149 and has sold so crazy well that it is already finished, but I am making a new order today that should come next week! Once you have ordered in the webshop, it is fast delivery home, all orders that arrive before 4 pm have time most often  sent the same day, and arrives most often  already the next day depending on how efficient Posten is.

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    Thanks for all the response, we are still amateurs on this but it will only get better and better :)


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. What fun that you wrote a bit how you think with the pod in the future and like to get feedback for areas for improvement, because it is only when you can get better ;-) my experience is that it is better to see the face up close instead of the products in the long run hold and how to dab with brushes and the like. I myself am a beginner in make-up and think you have so many good tips, but I think they appear so far away. a good idea to summarize which products you used at the end of the podcast but a still image on the face for extra clarity ;-) but still think you should film closer. the sound would also be great to make, your sister sounds good but your voice is that far away. maybe it is the echo in the room you are in that also affects the sound? Like oats, think this will be awesome with some adjustments :-) your blog e very good!

    2. Hey! I have copied my question from another post, under Annika's favorite shadow or whatever it said. Remember that when you write under an old post, maybe you do not see it? If you have a question, is it best to ask it after your new post or do you get a message that a new one will come in no matter where you have written? Do not want to seem annoying;) But to my question: I wonder which color from yag-foundation matches color-wise with glominerals natural light and golden light? Know that you have written it before, but have unfortunately forgotten the answer. I was with someone who said that I have a cold undertone with a touch of yellow tone but with a warm overtones. I am light and do not get brown so easily. Did not understand much but she said that she would be happy to help me at some point in choosing the right Foundation. But I am eager to test yag-foundation =). Hug.

      • Hey! Sorry I did not respond, I have seen your comment (I do not go into every post and look but see the latest comments when I log in to the blog), but sometimes I do not have time to respond immediately and I get many comments after that it is easy for a comment to disappear in the crowd :)

        You sound like a Soft Latte I think :) I would say that Natural Light is much like YAG Minerals Soft Light, and that Golden Light is more like Soft Latte. Soft Light is suitable for those who are very pale, but Soft Latte is a little darker but still suitable for those with light skin. If I say so, in the winter when I am as pale as I can get, I have Soft Latte, and when I used gloMinerals, I used Golden Light in the winter. But my friend who is more into Natural Light also has Soft Latte in YAG Mineral, because she is not quite as light as Soft Light.

        YAG Mineral adapts better to the skin tone than gloMinerals does, so it is better to go on dark / light than if you are hot or cold. If you are very pale, Soft Light fits, but in your explanation, you sound more like a Soft Latte!

        Hope the answer did not become too babble and that you joined. If you want to be 100% safe, I sell sample bags from YAG Mineral for only SEK 5 each :) Shipping is also longer if you only buy sample bags.


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