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In association with here is a quick everyday make-up with bright, metallic lips (how cool is that not?) and reviews of the products at the same time :)

This week, has a Black Friday SALE with 25% in all its beauty!

A bright and smart look this winter! Also great for parties if you want a light make-up with a little bling bling on the lips, but for me who loves make-up, it is more of an everyday make-up. And the best of all is that it is very quick to make!


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Here you see all the products! :) And even though it's a sponsored post, I'm always 100% honest, as you already know ♥



What a difference huh! :)


Foundation – Milani Conceal & Perfect Liquid Foundation (2 Natural)
Liquid foundation from Milani Cosmetics which is comprehensive and works as a foundation and concealer in the same. It is incredibly creamy and it is difficult to find such a covering foundation that 1 does not get cakey and 2 lasts well all day - and this one really does! A little shockingly good as I am so picky about liquid foundations. It even stayed in my wrinkle from the nose to the corner of the mouth :)

Comes in a practical pump bottle and the only thing that does not suit me perfectly is the shade, it is 02 shade and 01 is the lightest, so I did not think it would be so dark (always want too dark rather than too light) but it is on took too dark and hot for me. Will be saving for a sun holiday. So it can be good to know for you who are also light in complexion.

Costs SEK 179.


You can apply with your fingers or with a beauty blender. Xbeauty has its own beauty blender, Black Teardrop Beauty Sponge, for 99 kronor :)

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Lip Plumper - Xlips Lip Plumper
Lip Plumper is a lip gloss that makes the lips fuller, literally, and it is common for it to stick a little in the lips (have also tested brands that stick a lot in the lips). What you should know is that this type of lip gloss does not work on everyone, I have probably tested 20 different brands and no matter how much or how little it sticks, absolutely nothing happens on the fullness, while my sisters get great results from these.

In other words, I do not get fuller lips from this either, but I have read a lot of good reviews about it! It feels very nice on the lips in any case, soft and smooth, and it stings a lot but not very much if you compare with how much these types of lip gloss can sting. And I like it, like that it feels but not too much :)

By the way, I have read that you can roll the skin with such a micro needling roller with needles on before lip plumper, if you have lips like me that do not get the effect of it. I have to test it sometime! Have any of you tested it? Sounds a little scary but exciting at the same time!

For this make-up, I had the lip plumper while I did the base make-up, and then wiped it off and applied the lipstick when I finished the make-up. Good tips if you want fuller lips without having them glossy.

Costs SEK 249.


Rouge & Highlighter - Models Own Rock n Rosy Blusher Palette (Pyxie Pink)
A blush palette with three different colors. I still have not tested the creamy blush in this palette, but I am very fond of the two powder blushes! The light is kind of not a blush but more of a pink highlighter that looks great on the cheekbones, and the middle shade is mild and easy to apply and looks great on the cheeks. It costs 199 kronor and it is very large so it will last forever. Two big thumbs up!

Look so nice:


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I have the highlighter powder in the corner of the eye and under the brow as well.


Eyebrow shadow & brow highlights - Milani Brow Fix Kit (Medium)
Have you seen what a cute eyebrow palette! Two brow shadows, one darker and one lighter, and a highlighter that gives a very nice glow and is perfect for the brow bone. And small mini-tools, tweezers, a slanted brush and a foam brush for the highlighter.

The brow shadows are good too, good pigments and really nice cool tones. Also available in a lighter palette and a darker one :) Costs SEK 125.


I have the lighter brow shadow in the inner edge, and then the darker one along the entire bottom edge and in the outer edges.



A bright and invigorating look with shimmer. Eyeliner and mascara on just the top of the eye to give it a lift!


Eyeshadow - Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow (Copper)
A creamy (with dry) eye shadow that becomes extremely shimmery and pigment-rich, so nice! I only have a liter of it in this make-up, but you can do a maxed party make-up with this color as well. Very easy to work with as it becomes pigment-rich and looks good on the skin immediately.

Costs SEK 95.


Kajal - Models Own IDefiner Kajal Kohl Liner Jet Black
I personally think that this type of eyeliner is a bit kinky, because it is not pointed for very long and then it is suddenly not as easy to paint with. But the eyeliner itself is very easy to work with, I draw a line on the lash line and then with a narrow brush I have pulled out an eyeliner wing, which is very easy because the formula is so heavenly creamy. And you can really get a super thin line! Then when it dries, it fits really well, but I recommend eye shadow primer underneath if you have oily eyelids.

I will probably continue to use this one with a brush instead :)

It is not waterproof so it can not withstand water, but other than that, the durability is good! It is super creamy when it is newly applied but dries quickly and then it stays in place even when you blink.

Costs SEK 89, incredibly affordable!


Mascara - Xlash Mascara
I have actually had a press sample of this before as well and think it is great! Does not smudge and does not become clumsy when applied. My sister uses this one too and likes it a lot. Gives fine lashes with both separation and volume.

Costs SEK 155.


  1. Copper / golden eye shadow on the lower part of the eyelid, Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow (Copper)
  2. Black eyeliner along the upper lash line, Models Own IDefiner Kajal Kohl Liner Jet Black
  3. Pull out the creamy eyeliner like a wing with a narrow brush
  4. Black mascara on the upper lashes, Xlash Mascara




Lips - Milani Amore Mattallics Lip Cream in the shade Chromattic Addict.
Metallic and glittery lips are the new trend! This metallic lipstick is a little too bright for me who paints so much outside my shape (because I have tattooed so long outside so I "have to" it) as it is quite clear what is my own lip and not. But I still think it's really cool and would really like to see this tone on a person with dark skin tone, so nice! And this lipstick is in a darker red tone too, I'm really hungry for it! :)

And corner, the durability of this one is absolutely awesome! Almost so you can not get rid of it! And yet it does not feel crunchy dry either. Also works gallantly as an eyeliner, really cool!

Costs 189 kronor.


So cool with metal, really eager to hook on to this glitter trend too :)


And here is the finished look!

Summary - Foundation all over the face 2. Apply lip plumper for full effect on the lips. 3. Rouge and highlighter on the cheeks and 4. fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow shadow. 5. Gold shadow on the eyelid 6. black eyeliner with wing and 7. mascara on the lashes. Finish with metallic lipstick. Then it's done :)

Ends with a movie clip where I have a different make-up with the same products, and talk a little more about the products:


Kiss on is! ♥

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