Red Eyes & Lips

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Red eye shadow is probably the color that many people are most afraid of, think that the most common color of the lips is the most unusual color of the eyes. Funny though :) It is very common that even people who are colorful and brave in makeup themselves say "solid red eye shadow, it can still not be nice?".

My favorite red eyeshadow is without a doubt Paese NEO Eyeshadow in shade 664, so beautiful!


Foundation - gloMinerals Pressed Base (Golden Medium)
Powder that neutralizes redness - gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder
Contouring - Pixi Book of Beauty Contour Creator
Rouge - gloMinerals Blush (Papaya)
Dehydrating powders - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
Fixing mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Eyebrows - gloMinerals Precision Brow Pencil (Brunette & natural brown)
Lips - Paese Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick (708)

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Many people think that you should look red-eyed and sick, and yes, if you have a mischievous red color and apply it unevenly, you can certainly look very reddish.

I usually think that:
1. Do not be afraid of an extremely pigmented red color. The more pigmented and strong the more unnatural it looks. And when it comes to redness around the eyes, it is rarely a natural look you are looking for :)
2. Feel free to break off with black, e.g. a black eyeliner or eye shadow, or a lot of mascara. When red is not the color closest to the eye, you really do not look sick.
3. It is really nice to complement with other colors as well, then the red color will not be as extreme.


Nice huh? :)


  1. Eyeshadow primer, Pixi eye bright primer
    Red eye shadow on the entire eyelid, Paese NEO Eyeshadow in shade 664
  2. Fade the eyeshadow
  3. Black smoky eyeliner with wing, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (602)
  4. White eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the eyeliner, Paese Kashmir (601)
    Black mascara on the upper lashes, Magnetic Lash Mascara

IMG_4779_111 IMG_4795_111IMG_4746_1112

Summa summarum, I think red eye shadow is shitty! What do you think?

I have been doing this for a long time and if you want more inspiration, you can check it out this makeup and this makeup as I have done with red eye shadow before.

Hugs are 

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