The renovation underwear is on!

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For a salon owner, makeup artist and blogger, my days are anything but glamorous now haha, because as I have mentioned in passing, we have become homeowners!

We have decided to keep my mother's house, it has always been our meeting point and both me and Miska had already lived here with my mother all spring so it still feels natural despite the circumstances.

And now the house is valued before the inheritance division, which means that we can start to fix something nice here! Dad renovated the house when they moved here but it was 23 years ago now so there is an incredible amount to fix.

We will do more later, there is really no hurry, but Miska and I have taken hold of two rooms that feel important for us to be able to "land a little", both practically and mentally.

Hope you like an everyday post with mobile pictures in the middle of everything, wanted to show that I am not lazy just because the blog has not been updated today :)

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When you have cleaned your wardrobe and now realize that you do not have any clothes that you can destroy with paint - then the work shirt with the old salon logo works perfectly! What luck that we changed the logo, otherwise I would have had to paint naked :)


… And Miska's underwear! Yes but I am not who it is;)

The one room we have put our teeth into is mom's room. My God, it feels weird. But it's me and Miska's room now and as you can see it's a little extra charged compared to the rest of the house. We sleep in my mother's room in my mother's bed, and I feel that I need to get a little "me and Miska" into the energies there as well.

In the other room we are fixing in now, the first idea was that I should have it as a walk in closet - for all my beauty products! You hear so wonderful :) But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make it a workroom.

As soon as that room is finished, I will put on make-up and do all the blog material at home in the morning before work, also make film adaptations with good light and stuff. And then I will fix computer jobs, take customers and do company work at the salon. Feels right actually!

That room is almost finished, here you get a sneak peek:


We have painted from dark blue to chalk white and sanded the floors! The floor was painted in a glossy, semi-dark, yellower wood tone that was also so worn that you have to take care when you are lazy because if you drag your feet on the floor, you get sticks in your toes. But now it's starting to get really nice! Have no role model but you can imagine what a difference that is.

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Not only do you have your own company with 4 employees and a salon, shop and webshop, no, but here we will become homeowners and start renovating as well. You would just hear about my two new job projects I want to start now in the middle of it all as well. I'm not smart on a spot :)

Speaking of the house and everything, mom has four cats too, it is possible none of you have reached mega-good tips on how to get cats to stop peeing inside? So awful!

No, now I'm going to crawl into bed in front of the fire (we moved the bed to the living room during the renovation). It's a day tomorrow too ♥

Hugs are!

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. You are very welcome to continue updating with the house for me, I love to see renovations and before / after: D Good luck with the pees, hope it works out <3

    • Fun with response to it, what fun that you think it's fun! :) Should have photographed role models in the rooms I now feel in retrospect, but there are a lot more rooms that I can photograph so it's not to late :)

  2. Think we all know you're not the lazy one! That you can only handle everything! You are admirable, so young and have come as far as you have.
    "Listen" as I write this how creepy it may sound, I feel like an old mossy aunt. But it's me, 50+.
    It will be nice in the house too! Of course you want to paint and fix, so it feels like your own.

  3. Try rubbing with lemon in places you know they usually pee. Cats do NOT like lemon namely …… Then it is probably a habitual behavior that all 4 do it. Try to `break` the ugly habit of spraying some water on them when you take them for granted. Break the bad habit with what really, as long as they get distracted… .Good luck!

    • Yes, you're probably right that it's habitual, I think, I should keep that in mind! Maybe you can carry them to the litter box when you see them pee? I have thought about it with lemon as well (and tested it with orange hehe) but since they change places to pee, you do not want to have reached what they do not like in the house, because you still want them to thrive in their home and we would have needed to have lemon everywhere otherwise it feels like. But that thing about breaking the habit is probably great! They seem to understand that what they do is wrong because sometimes they pee and then they run before you have time to do anything, like a child hehe. But sometimes they pee right in front of you and are coal-fired as if it were completely normal. So weird .. Thanks for your comment :)

  4. If the cats are now healthy (because just like the above think you should check it out) then there are a few different reasons why they can pee inside. A lot has happened in their environment lately that can make them a little worried and therefore pee to mark that everything is not as it should be. I can recommend feliway fragrance emitters that you plug into an electrical outlet. It contains pheromones that make cats feel safe at home.

    • Thank you so much for the tip! We have bought Feliway products for over 1000: - (both sprays and for withdrawals, we have a big house) but they still pee. The best thing is probably to consult a veterinarian if they are healthy because it feels like the only thing we have not tested. Or there is one thing we tested that works for 100% and that is to place bowls of cat food where they pee, because they never pee on the food. But then there will be kisses in other places instead so it does not help in the long run anyway. Good try though hehe.

  5. In case of urinary tract infection, it is mostly small splashes.
    Can they go in and out as they please? Now in the winter maybe they are mostly inside, if you have 4 cats, you should have at least 3 litter boxes and clean them daily. Everclean is good sand.
    Try Feliway friends, I have noticed a difference in my cats.

    • Thanks for the tip! They only have one box now but they also have a cat door. We had 3 boxes before but they still peed in other places then as well. Although they were cleaned twice a day. We have both Feliway for the sockets and spray but it has not helped.

  6. Should start by checking that the cats are healthy, for example urinary tract infection can make them urinate inside!
    Otherwise it is something else they do not like and pee in protest!
    Are the litter boxes in the right place? Are they enough with the right bedding?
    Do they like each other?
    Did they do the same thing when your mother lived there? Otherwise, it could be a sign that they have a hard time accepting the change that she is not there and takes care of them anymore!

    • They are outdoor cats but we have a litter box with that kind of litter that becomes like lumps when they pee. How do you know if the box is in the right place and what is the right bedding? They have always peed indoors, no matter when mom has had boxes everywhere, but it is more / less in periods. Now it's a lot and one of the cats has even peed ON ME haha. They also use the box but think they both "mark" and type are lazy hehe. They can quarrel sometimes but can also lie next to each other and cuddle so hard to say. They should be healthy because all 4 of them do it and it has been going on for so long, but it does not hurt to check it out :)

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