Review - NYX Your Element Metallics Eyebrush Set

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    Before Christmas, I got a press sample on a lot of Limited Edition products from NYX and since I'm not so quick on the ball to blog about everything, some have already sold out. Among other things, the wonderful kit Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault II with 36 mini lipsticks that I did not find anywhere else when I would blog about this the other day haha.

    But a limited edition product that is not finished and that I put to the test and will review today is NYX Your Element Metallics Eyebrush Set (Adlink) for those of you who have considered clicking it home!

    What is the NYX Your Element Metallics Eyebrush Set?
    This is a kit with 5 eyeshadow brushes and a small golden toiletry bag.

    As I said, it is a Limited edition product and costs SEK 349 on e.g. which is approximately SEK 70 per brush.

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    First impression
    My first impression was a bit mixed when I immediately became curious about the two smallest brushes but at the same time skeptical of the two larger ones.

    The brushes are synthetic.

    Quality and feeling
    The shafts of the brushes feel luxurious and fine, but the fact that the bristles on the brushes feel more in the cheap direction. Especially the two larger brushes. Not disaster quality then, but they are not very soft brushes if you say so.

    It is a matter of taste what you want for the shape of the brushes, but here are close-ups and a more detailed description of each brush in the kit:

    I really like the slanted flat brush! Sharp and flat and just the right size.

    This brush is similar to one I used a lot before but which got so worn that I had to throw it away, so I had high hopes! I think this is nice to apply eye shadow with and since it is quite thick, you can also fade out sharp edges with it.

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    Very nice brush, but not as good as the one I had before so my high hopes make me feel worse about it than if I had tried it without expectations at all :)

    This brush is not that special I have lots of these but use them frequently so this will come in handy as well. I mostly use this for concealer or for foundation around the lips, I like to apply the foundation around the mouth with a sharp brush so that the lip contour does not become so diffuse.

    This brush is there to fade out the eyeshadow I guess but for my taste it is insanely too big and not soft enough. I like fading brushes that are a bit in the compact direction because it must be able to move pigment (one too fluffy does not make much difference) but it should still be soft I think, this one is a bit in the rough direction.

    And for my eyes, the one that I said is crazy too big too, I would never be able to fade out a very sharp eye shadow with this because then you have zero precision.

    This one is basically the same as the one above, but it has basically the same opinion as it.

    However, these can work well for other uses even if the kit is brushes for eye makeup! I choose softer brushes over these but these two will surely be used for powder and highlighter on smaller areas of the face.

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    Most happy I was probably over the toilet haha!

    No super luxurious quality on it either but very cute, I love toiletries and have several whites with gold details on so this one fits so perfectly into the collection :)

    Summary - I like the small brushes more, I can do without the big ones. 70: - per brush is a good price but 349: - for this kit overall I would not say is worth the money. Better to buy fewer but better brushes. The kit exudes a bit of party and luxury with gold and metal but is a bit too poor quality to feel luxurious when you use them.

    Actually, I would like to give the grade 2.5 but have not made a picture with half lips haha. The kit is not bad at all but quite far from good as well.

    Any of you who tested the kit? :)


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