Rubbish tattoos in white and silver!

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    Now I have woken up to life after a long morning of sleep, went to bed at 4 o'clock last night (after a number of night sandwiches with my sweetheart) but now I feel surprisingly alert again :) Miska has been so cute today - cleaned and fixed a luxurious cozy breakfast while I lay in bed looking at the Luxury Trap. How good can you have it on a scale :)

    At least now I have started, and have just photographed my jewelry that I had yesterday that I was going to show you! I still wear them, because those are the rubbing tattoos that are so heavenly beautiful! They are still just as nice despite the crazy night out.

    Gold tattoos have become very popular lately, but yesterday I drove on silver and white, incredibly beautiful !!!

    I use tattoos from the brand Lulu dk. Tattoos which I received a press sample from before, they have several different variants and I have ”High Noon”Which contains tattoos in both gold, silver and white!

    I probably like the white one the most, actually super nice :) It was a little bit left after I wrapped the tattoo around the arm, so I cut three small squares of it and put on the fingers as well:

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    And do you know what I want this spring? Tattoos like this in gold and turquoise !! How nice would it not be for a light spring outfit? :)

    Lulu dk Tattoos also has tattoos with turquoise, ”Blue Lagoon”Contains colors in both gold, silver and turquoise. I feel an extreme desire to have them right now!

    What do you think about tattoos like this? Do you think it's as nice as I do? :)


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