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    I get such an incredibly positive response to the webshop every day and I am really very happy! You are wonderful! :)

    However, there is a recurring complaint and that is the "expensive" shipping of SEK 49. And because I get a lot of questions about it, I feel that I want to explain myself in a post, because I understand that it is difficult for you who do not run your own webshop to think about all the details. If you buy a lip pencil and see a 7 kronor stamp on the envelope when you have paid 49, I understand that you start to wonder. But after this post, many of you will probably think that SEK 49 is cheap! :)

    This is how it is - I prioritize service, secure payment and fast deliveries before low shipping costs!

    SEK 49 stands for shipping and handling, which includes more than just shipping. I definitely do not go plus on the shipping but rather back if you have to count kronor. It is not only stamps and envelopes that cost, but also the technical handling around. For each order, it costs me money for more than just the shipping itself. At Klarna, there is so much more that I have to charge an extra fee for it, but also Payson, which is free to choose, costs money per order.

    In addition, there is an average of SEK 42 in just stamp duty per package, on some more on some smaller, so SEK 49 is absolutely not unreasonable on most orders.

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    If I were to reduce shipping, I would instead have had to raise product prices, and I want you to profit from shopping a lot and not the other way around. In addition, I get more praise for my fast deliveries than complaints about shipping, and that also says a lot. Sure, it is possible to send cheaper, but you'd rather put a ten extra and get the package tomorrow? :)

    My product prices are also not expensive if you look at my purchase prices, and SEK 49 in shipping is not much if you compare with time and travel costs to a store, nor much if you compare with many other webshops.

    Many business owners would probably call me stupid in the head if they go through my prices and costs, and compare it with all the time I put in to make everything work.

    Many people do not understand that everything in the world costs money. People pay for newspapers and do not think it is strange, but all blogs should be free to read and everything should always be topnotch. I pay a pretty big fee a month for a good data server, extra memory and speed, domain and domain name, etc. to make everything run as smoothly as possible. I really invest in my blog and webshop as a company, and it takes both time and money - but I see a future with it and think it's so terribly fun that it's really worth everything! :)

    I hope that you who get annoyed with my shipping costs understand me a little better now, and still will think it's worth shopping at in the future! :)


    And for those of you who always give me a positive response and take the time to write a few lines to me, you are worth your weight in gold !!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. To me in Denmark it costs SEK 150, that is the reason why I do not buy the exciting products from you - unfortunately: -C And know that it is not your fault ;-)

    2. I think the shipping is acceptable because you have good products at a very good price. And what service then.
      So everyone thumbs up, hug :)

    3. Yes I understand your argument and you have small business that is not as easy as the big companies have free shipping because it costs more on a product than what is the original price.

    4. Hey!
      It was definitely not meant to be unpleasant in any way when I emailed you regarding shipping but just wondered if it was possible to reduce shipping costs :)

      • Hey! I absolutely understand that, did not take it that way either! :) Do not think that everyone else who points this out means anything bad either, and the post is absolutely nothing personal to anyone. But it can also be nice to have a finished post to refer to when I get questions about shipping in the future :) Kraaam!

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