Slim body with creams?

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    I have just started with something that I have always been skeptical of (and still am), but which has received good reviews that have made me so curious that I have taken it a step further to actually test and review!

    What I'm talking about are these Slimming creams, ie creams that make the skin (and fat?) firmer so that you appear to be more slim and figure-shaped. I've always thought that "You should eat healthy and exercise to feel good, but when you start gaining weight with creams, tablets and strange diets, I think it does more harm than good"

    But after reading about Yves Rocher's slimming series, I have changed my mind a bit. It contains a total of three creams + a pack of tablets. After using the creams morning and evening for a month, and eating two tablets a day during that time, you should be able to see results.

    There are no shortcuts to a fit body, I agree, but when you read about these creams, it sounds like they actually benefit the skin as well, so why not give it a try! The ingredients that "change" the body are different kinds of plants that cleanse the skin in different ways, and I can not see why it would be bad. Then whether it works or not, that's another question;)

    These are available for purchase at Yves Rocher.

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    According to a survey of 33 women, they have lost an average of 8 cm on the abdomen and buttocks during this time. However, I will only review the feeling, to go on before and after pictures or measurements I do not believe. A lot can happen to the body in a month, even though you do not feel that you have changed anything in particular.

    However, you know yourself how your body usually changes when you have been more useful, so you can probably still see if it has given results or not. No matter how "good" I have been, I have e.g. always had love handles on the sides of the stomach, so if they should disappear I will definitely believe that it is these products that have helped!


    One of the creams is specifically for stomach and buttocks, and it contains:

    • Lotus: breaks down fat by increasing fat burning.
    • Caffeine: shapes by reducing fat deposits.
    • Centella: has a firming effect by stimulating collagen synthesis.


    One of the creams is specifically for thigh, and it contains:

    • Green coffee: counteracts cellulite through its cleansing effect
    • Caffeine: shapes by reducing fat deposits
    • Horse chestnut: clears out by eliminating degraded fats

    The third cream is specifically for removal cellulite, and it contains:

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    • Green coffee: counteracts cellulite by clearing out
    • Green tea : shapes by reducing fat deposits
    • Centella: has a firming effect by stimulating collagen synthesis.

    The tablets are for the whole body, and contain:

    • Guarana: long kept its secret deep in the Amazon rainforest. It is in the insides of the seed that the beneficial forces are hidden.
    • Leaves of green tea: has long been used for its figurative properties and has been specially selected for its ability to counteract the storage of fat.
    • Yerba mate: is originally from South America and is considered a beneficial plant that has a figure-shaping effect on the figure.


    It says a bit vague about why Guarana is good for the character, but I googled a bit and found a lot that it improves memory, attention and mood! It can have something to do with it too (?) If you have more energy, you probably do things that make you burn fat? :)

    So we'll see, at the end of April I might look like a barbie and be alert and happy like a duracell rabbit! What a combo;)

    Anyway, you have to wait a month for the final review, but I can at least say that the creams at least go into the skin quickly, which is a must if you are going to use them twice a day. However, I would have liked a better scent.

    This is going to be exciting anyway, do you believe in things like this? :)


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