Soon trained hair specialist!

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    Today was the first day with Hårologi's training that I, Jeanette and Miska will take to become trained hairologists :) Hårologi = the doctrine of hair, and is also a Swedish hair care brand with a large selection of hair care products that are tailored to the customer's needs.

    Damn how much I've learned today! Did not bring my camera but took some quick pictures with my mobile.


    Here I am sitting at Hårologi's head office and waiting for the course to start :)

    You hear so much about hair all the time and everywhere you read differently. You should brush your hair when it is dry, you should brush your hair when it is wet, silicones are good, silicones are very bad, you should not use shampoo, you should wash your hair with shampoo several times per wash, this product repairs the hair, it can not repair damaged hair etc. etc.

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    Much that is said goes against each other, what should one believe in? But now that you understand how the hair is structured and how many factors come into play, you understand everything in a completely different way. And that all answers are not always black or white :) For example, Miska should brush her hair when it is wet, but I should brush my hair when it is dry.

    So I have learned an incredible amount today also around Hårologi's own products, things that you will have use for no matter what you use.

    hairology course

    Here you see my hair that I would soon test in the test device!

    You can not be completely sure of how a hair feels by just looking / feeling it, you also have to test strength and stretchability to know if the hair needs more moisture, or more protein.

    It was so incredibly fascinating how much you can see by studying hair and scalp! And it's totally sick how much diet and lifestyle matters. After the test we had to take the device ourselves, the teacher (who did not know that me and Miska were together, we had not kissed or anything) asked if we lived under the same roof, because she saw that we ate the same diet because she saw it on our values. We eat very good food, but I drink too little water, she said. And that's right on the dot!

    I have a very sensitive scalp that itches and is very irritated, which I think is mostly due to dry shampoo as it was a sign that it is not washed properly (if you use as much dry shampoo and products as me, you need a more deep cleansing shampoo between coats for to get rid of everything, otherwise bacteria are formed in it) but above all it is because I drink too little water. If you drink a little water, urea comes out of the neck, and it is above all in the neck that I have itching! Disgusting !!! Here it should be washed and drunk hahaha.


    Now I'm going to go through today's all millions of notes, I'm a real student and always ask questions when I do not understand, but this was so much to keep track of with vitamins, different fats, amino acids, hair structure and everything to think about on with different hair types etc that it was actually really awkward. Should be really interesting with a full day tomorrow as well, then we will also get to go down to the factory where all products are manufactured! Then it will be to study, so that it fits properly, because all this is not something you learn in a quarter I can say :)

    In any case, there will probably be more blog posts about hair and hair care in the future, if there is something specific you are thinking about, shout out and I will ask extra about it!

    Hope you have a nice Sunday night ♥

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    1. So exciting with hair, then you can judge mine when I come to you in two weeks to get makeup :) Really have problem hair that is thin, flat, dull, dry at the bottom, etc. No products make it more volume and look thicker but maybe you, hihi. In addition, it is starting to turn gray, but there is help for that.

    2. Hey! Thanks for a great blog, always get so happy when I check it out here! What about oily hair (which becomes oily on the scalp), what should you do about it? My hair gets greasy in about half a day and trying to wash it less often has not helped nor to wash with regular shampoo. Now I instead use the conditioner method, which suits my hair very well as I have finer curls and shinier hair and do not have to release a lot of bad substances. However, it has not become less fat. Everywhere you find different suggestions about what should help, but everything is so contradictory that you just get confused. Do you have any advice? Tired of dry shampoo…

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