Spontaneous exit?

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    Sometimes it happens that you are not prepared to party, or you work and do not have time to put on make-up before the evening's feats.

    Then it can be good to be able to party fix yourself quickly.

    Here you get 6 tips on how to fast redo a regular make-up for a party make-up!

    1. Black eyeliner make a natural make-up more party on the spot!
    2. Glitter! Either you only have a little glitter eyeliner in the corner of your eye (or just shimmery white eye shadow) or you "drop" the glitter jar on the eyelid. No matter how you do it, the glitter really sparkles!
    3. Dark eye shadow along the globe line makes a huge difference.
    4. Do you know in advance that you are going to party but are in a hurry later. Then you can prepare to do your make up very bright with their eye shadows. Then it is quick to strengthen later!
    5. Add more rouge!
    6. One colorful lipstick make a make-up festive no matter how natural you are otherwise made up.

    However, I myself do not like the combination of lots of eye makeup, a lot of blush and colorful lipstick. To tone down some of this is a + in my opinion.

    Example of make-up that was party with lipstick!
    Examples of make-up that became a party with a lot kajal and glitter!

    By the way, it always works to have a little volume powder in the hair, ruffle it and put on high heels.

    Then you are fit for fight!
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