Store opening Yves Rocher

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    Now I'm home again after all the flinging here and there :)

    The first stop was Yves Rocher's store opening at Sergelgatan 21 in Stockholm yesterday! They have opened a super cozy little shop, and have succeeded incredibly well in organizing all the products. While it was small, it was still a very inspiring layout and easy to find what you are looking for - and much more;) Small shops can easily become plotty otherwise I think, so much in such a small area so it feels like a million products and you rarely find what you are looking for, but this store was really perfect!

    I'm a real internet shopper, but it's actually a different matter to physically see all the products in front of me. In addition, they had decorated so nicely with some of the natural ingredients that the products contain, rose petals and sheanuts for example. I almost got the urge to open my own shop haha :)

    Offers some pictures from the inauguration, but you who have the roads past should really look in and take a look for yourself!


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    Look here how nice they have lined up and decorated with cotton flowers :)


    I took with me nice Nicolin who I slept with overnight, she also loves Yves Rocher just like me and had a hard time keeping her fingers in check :) She was a little impressed with what control I have over the range, even all the shades. We did not need any guidance in there among all the products if you say so hehe.



    IMG_5079_111  IMG_5112_111

    Now I have to hurry to pack today's webshop orders, and then I will check out the pictures of yesterday's step by step make - up that I did for you! Should publish it as soon as possible.

    Stay tuned :)

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