Summer feeling with a scent of exotic coconut

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This post is in collaboration with Yves Rocher.

In collaboration with Yves Rocher, I have tested a kit with 4 coconut-scented products, shower gel, body lotion, body oil and perfume - all with a warm and exotic coconut scent.

I also have an offer for you! All four products for only SEK 179 incl. shipping, words. price 362: -. You order super easy HERE then the kit and invoice will come straight to your home :)

Coconut is one of the scents that evokes the most summer feelings in me than any other scent. But it is quite difficult to find products that smell good coconut I think. If it's a too sticky coconut scent, I can easily get nauseous and it easily takes over and becomes too much, or it starts to smell strange after a while. This is exactly the question I also saw in a beauty forum I am a member of on Facebook, one that demanded good products for coconut lovers so that you are completely immersed in a good, warm couscous scent without that it will be too much.

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And to all of you who are also coconut lovers, I can really recommend this kit! The scent delivers! After using all 4 products, you would think that I would have spread a cloud of coconut as soon as I entered a room, completely smeared in coconut AND coconut perfume as well, but it still smells mild and good, but clear.

I asked Annika when I got to work if she thought I smelled too much coconut. Because sometimes it can be difficult to decide for yourself when you get used to the scent. Annika is very sensitive to strong scents and does not like at all when people wear perfume. When she smelled me, she said it smelled clear but not strong at all, and that she did not think about it when I entered the room until I asked and she came closer, and we had talked for a while before I asked her. So that was a perfect rating I think!

Yves Rocher Bath and Shower Gel - Coconut (adlink)

This shower cream is like a gel in consistency, it foams well but not super much if you just lubricate it so I prefer to use it with a sponge because then there will be quite a lot of foam. I'm really eager to take a bath and test this as a bath foam, I think it would work well. Mums! It contains aloe vera from organic farms.

Good environmental choice: Contains more than 97 % ingredients of natural origin. Easily degradable formula. The bottle is recyclable and contains recycled plastic to reduce the use of new plastic.

Yves Rocher Body Lotion - Coconut (adlink)

This body lotion is very thin in consistency, almost a bit like a gel, and sinks in immediately which I value very highly. Hate to lubricate myself with products that do not go into the skin quickly, then it will never be because I lubricate myself at all. But this one goes into the skin at once!

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The formula feels incredibly moisturizing for the skin and contains shea butter.

Good environmental choice: Contains more than 96 % ingredients of natural origin. Easily degradable formula. The bottle is recyclable and contains recycled plastic to reduce the use of new plastic.

Yves Rocher Botanical Oil Body and Massage - Coconut (Adlink)

Body oil is also a tricky product to find one that I like - but once I do, I'm completely stuck! Is there anything that makes the skin as soft as oil? Love it! Especially on arms and legs, then I feel so taken care of by myself haha.

The most important thing about a body oil is that it must not be too greasy, of course all oils will be in large quantities, but it should be easy to take a little and lubricate the whole body without being a slippery eel afterwards. This one goes into the skin quickly and you feel soft the rest all day long, absolutely wonderful!

It contains five nourishing oils; jojoba, macadamia, safflower, apricot kernel and coconut. Imagine lubricating your whole body with this coconut-scented treat after a hot bath, my God, so cozy.

Good environmental choice: Contains more than 98 % ingredients of natural origin. Easily degradable formula. The bottle is recyclable and contains recycled plastic to reduce the use of new plastic.

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Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette - Coconut (Adlink)

A perfume with more than 93 % ingredients of natural origin, fun! I almost did not dare to spray this on myself before the job first for perfume with coconut scent feels like done to become too much. But well I got it! It enhances the scent of coconut and lasts all day, but is very mild and soft nonetheless. I think it almost feels more like a mist than a perfume.

The only thing I can think is that the spray is a bit hard, I like soft sprays that are very finely divided and soft and that you would rather take several small sprays on different parts of the body than a large one. But you can spray a bit away and "go into" the perfume even if you do not want so much in the same area :)

So go ahead, all coconut lovers! HERE you can order the whole kit for only SEK 179 and then the shipping is included in that price as well.

HUG! ♥

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  1. Oh ääää love body care from Yves Rocher. I had a craze for their shower cream with olive scent for a while, I could not stop! Have heard very nice about their coconut series but never tested it myself. Maybe get hit on it anyway!

  2. I always bought Yves Rocher when I was younger because they were so outspoken against animal testing, and so they start selling in China and their products must therefore be animal tested! So damn unnecessary. Do not understand how a company can go from such a pronounced anti-animal attempt to sell there but realize that money controls more than the conscience. Do it again, do it right Yves Rocher!

      • Yes, so disappointed in Nars too. They have received massive criticism but assume that there is so much money to be made in China's giant market that they do not care. Hope China wakes up and realizes that animal testing is not needed, it seems that they have eased the requirements a bit lately so maybe there is hope. :) Hugs

        • Yes, it must be sick money, because it is worth all the customers they lose in Europe and the bad reputation they get. I can "understand" the brands that were always sold to China before they became more aware of animal experiments, that damage has occurred so they can just as easily continue. But to start now feels a little strange! : P Really hope China pulls up! :) Hugs!

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