Summer make-up step by step

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    When I was at the NYX press event, I got a hair band with nice flowers in which inspired me to curl my hair, which inspired me to this summer make-up :)

    Many would probably think "I have so fixed hair that I have to wear neutral makeup" but not me! :) I made a pretty natural "base" on the eye makeup with brown and beige but then I livened up the look with turquoise and yellow and added a matte dark pink lipstick! How nice!

    I had time to do this make-up before my hairdresser visit that I wrote about yesterday, if you are wondering how I suddenly became so dark-haired;)

    Colored face primer - glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer SPF 30 (Light)
    Concealer - Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base (1 Cream)
    Foundation - gloMinerals Pressed Base foundation (Golden medium)
    Contouring - Contouring Palette (2)
    Glowy highlighter - Pixi Glow-Y-Powder (London Luster)
    Powder - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
    Rouge - Blush (35)
    Fixing Mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

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    Brynpenna - glo Skin Beauty Micro Brow Liner (Dark brown)

    Lipstick - glo Suede Matte Crayon (Rumor)

    Adding some colorful details like this is a great way to get color in a more "discreet" way. If you do not want a completely colorful eyelid, I think.

    All tones in brown / beige / gold are from Paese Opal Eyeshadow Trio (Golden Brown) and all the colorful eye shadows are Paese Neo Eyeshadow.

    1. Eyeshadow primer, Pixi eye bright primer
      Turquoise eye shadow at the bottom of the lower lash line
    2. Gold shadow at the bottom of the lower lash line and light shadow in the corner of the eye
    3. The same light shadow on the inside of the eyelid
    4. Dark brown shadow at the end of the eyelid and along the globe line
    5. Black eye shadow at the end of the eyelid, Paese Kashmir eyeshadow (602)
    6. Yellow eye shadow on the inside of the eyelid and over the turquoise in the outer corner of the eye
    7. White eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the brownish black in the outer corner of the eye, Paese cashmere eyeshadow (601)
    8. Black eyeliner with wing, Kryolan Cake Liner (Black)
    9. Black mascara on all lashes, Magnetic lash mascara


    The curls are made with mini scissors HH Simonsen Mini Beach Waver (adlink).

    Hope you were inspired!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi.
      This is probably a bit of an odd question, but I still take a chance. You have done quite a few reviews of different products and I wonder if you are aware of the type of foundations that cover tattoos (which are only with black lines, not color). Looking with light on the lantern but they seem very expensive and I do not have that much fat at the checkout either.
      Or if you yourself have things that you want to get rid of, then shout out and I can buy from you.
      Sorry if that's a weird question.
      / Ida

      • Hey! Would like to ask two follow-up questions before I can answer it, how big is it and where is it located? I have tested foundations and various cover creams that are for just tattoos and also tried to cover with regular makeup. It is very difficult no matter what I have used but my tip is to use several layers and dab powder in between. But the reason I need answers to the questions is to know if the tattoo is in a place with a lot of chafing of clothes or the like? And how natural the result needs to be, it is e.g. on the arm you can brace quite a lot, but if it is on the face, you often want a fairly natural look so it does not look cakey. So the product choice may vary depending on it. Hug!

        • It sits on the foot. It's an anchor so there are lines and some shading. So the makeup will be worn by socks and shoes.

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