Sunscreen for oily skin on the face

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    "Hello! I have a question, could you write about good sun protection factor for the face. Like you, I have oily / oily skin and you who know about this, maybe can help me :-) which product and where can I find it? thanks in advance!"

    Do you have any good tips on a sunscreen for oily skin? thanks in advance!"

    Now it's SPF times and I love when you ask about sunscreen - because it means you use it and it's so heavenly important! Got two questions about spf for oily skin lately so thought I would tell you about a cream that I like :)

    I have not tested any good spf for the face that has higher than 35 and which suits my oily skin, but one that I think is super good has spf 30 which feels ok high, and it is Paula's Choice CLEAR Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid which is adapted for oily / mixed and normal skin.


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    Effective for: Enlarged pores; acne; blackheads, anti-aging; wrinkles; brown spots (hyperpigmentation).

    • Moisturizes oily, acne prone skin, without making it oily and oily.
    • Provides a high-tech broad-spectrum sunscreen that feels surprisingly light.
    • Thin and clear fluid, which does not clog the pores or cause acne.
    • Antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients make the skin look younger.
    • Effectively regulates sebum production and gives a fresh, matte finish.
    • Prevents signs of aging, including wrinkles and brown spots (hyperpigmentation).
    • 100% free from perfume and dyes.

    Then it's on where it costs SEK 129 for 60 ml.

    I think it is super good! I'm so oily, so if it has particularly debilitating effects, it's hard to say, it's not like a debilitating primer or something. But many common sunscreens can make the face so extremely fluffy, but this one works super well.

    The cream is quite runny and goes into the skin quickly, and it feels moisturizing and great :)

    Two thumbs up!

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    Helena Amiley
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    1. Hey! I have a question that may not be directly related to this post, but that I would like help with. I I use day cream, then your primer you sell in the wepshop (the one for oily skin), then foundation oh concealer and finally Paese Mattifying Powder with argan oil + bamboo silk powder over. I absolutely feel that it has gotten better since I started using your products, but it is still not as good as I would like as I experience that the face becomes greasy and the makeup almost runs off during the day and becomes uneven and ugly. And around the eyes in particular, it stays really bad as the eyeliner also smudges outside. Should I change foundation or what should I do? because do not think your products are bad really do not do their job absolutely. Do you have suggestions in that case for other / more products I can use to make it better? Regards, a very satisfied customer who loves your blog! Hugs to you :)

      • Usually when you do not get a good result despite good primer and powder, it is the foundation that haunts, what do you use for foundation? A product that does not suit oily skin can "ruin" everything so that the rest of the products do not make as much difference.

        Then it's so for us with super oily skin, it is almost impossible to keep the skin completely matte from morning to night (without using products that clog the pores so that the sebum does not come out, but you do not want that because it comes to the skin feel very bad off) for the makeup can as well not absorb huur much at all. Then the big difference with good products is that it is enough to powder 1-3 times a day instead of twice an hour (so it is for me anyway) + that the makeup fits nicely even though you have improved it. What day cream do you use?

        • I understand :) I use the day cream Neutrogena Visibly Clear which I also use skin care from the same brand as well. Foundation I run a little differently which I also sometimes mix as well, "Max Factor: All Day Flawless Foundation" I use most (every day) then also Max Factor: Whipped Cream Foundation and Lumene: Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation. I would like to test mineral foundation, but am afraid that it will not provide enough coverage, which I want because I have very uneven skin with very red areas and acne. Thank you for being so helpful! :)

          • Sorry for the late reply, your comments must have ended up in the spam! I recommend that you test mineral foundation, and a mineral concealer for your red areas. It covers well only if you have a good brush! :) Then you will get much better results I think!

        • I understand! I use day cream from neutrogens Visibly clear, and foundation I run a little differently as I also mix them sometimes. Max Factor: All Day Flawless Foundation I have used the most, but also Lumene: Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation and Max Factor: Whipped Cream Foundation :)

    2. Good tips!
      I have had Paula's Choice for a couple of months now (following a recommendation from Skincity) and my skin has really become fantastic!

      Have almost all my life had perfectly ok skin even though I neglected skin care (soap and water were my thing before…). But around 30 the skin started to get quite sensitive and then I had a period with a lot of stress rash and debris.
      Did a skin analysis at Skincity and got Paula's Choice recommended. Absolutely amazing :) My skin is so damn nice!
      Have another day cream from PC with spf 30, but this one sounds lighter so I will click it home! I also have fairly oily skin.

      Then I always top with Paese's Bamboo powder (regardless of whether I have foundation or not) and that's probably the best I have in the make-up box :)

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