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    Finally we have taken in the lip gloss Glo Skin Beauty Lip Gloss in the webshop!

    Since gloMinerals has been in the middle of name changes, packaging changes and also cleaning + news of shades, we have waited until everything is finished and this autumn these goodies landed in our store and web shop. And now I have taken swatch pictures too!

    Here are the 6 shades in the range:

    Best combination of shades! Everything from neutral to "my lips but better" and more colorful tones. I love everyone!

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    The lip gloss is creamy and smooth, very comfortable on the lips both if you have a thin layer or apply a lot!

    Narrow and fine lip gloss sleeves that are easy to carry in the handbag and the applicator is a classic lip gloss applicator:

    The lip gloss moisturizes, nourishes and protects the lips with natural ingredients such as antioxidants, sunflower oil, castor oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and camellia. If you use these lip glosses, you do not need lip balm. Has a discreet scent of fresh mint and the pigments come from pure minerals.

    All shades are incredibly high-gloss! Only the shade Pink Blossom also contains shimmer, the rest are glossy but not shimmery. They are also very rich in pigment, Pink Blossom is the most transparent but the rest gives a lot of color and coverage. If less color and coverage is desired, you can easily apply a thinner layer.

    The lip gloss fits very well on the lips and since they contain a lot of pigment, the color lasts a long time even when the gloss begins to fade during the day.

    Pink blossom - Our best seller! The color is cold pink and becomes relatively transparent and neutral.

    Taffy - A warm and clear tone that is apricot colored.

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    Flamingo - A clear peach pink color with a lot of pigment.

    Beloved - A neutral "my lips but better" color with a lot of pigment.

    Desert Bloom - A neutral "my lips but better" color that is cooler than Beloved.

    Plumberry - A gloomy, berry purple-pink plum color with a lot of pigment.

    My personal favorite is Beloved and that was my absolute most used lip gloss when I started blogging about makeup. I also remember that I had it with me when I was going to tattoo my lips for the first time to show what kind of shade I wanted :)

    This is what Beloved looks like on the lips:

    Fint va? :)

    Just shout if you have any questions! Hug hug!

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