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    Sooted eyes in turquoise and gold (Vintage make-up)

    Cut crease make-ups and creative eyeliners etc. are very fun to do, but the type of make-up that I myself like best is soft ...

    Summer make-up before & after

    This make-up I did on a girl to sit model on make-up demon I will hold at our summer event on 31 May! I will...

    Video tutorial

    Here is the video of yesterday's make-up! Hope you like it ♥

    Turquoise eye shadow this summer!

    Hello and good morning to you this fine Sunday! Or is it just me who just woke up? I'm completely exhausted after a really intense ...

    The world's finest make-up

    Hello! At the salon opening at EPIC that I was at on Tuesday, I had a gold glittery make-up with white and turquoise. Love that mix, white, ...