Tattooed eyebrows on men

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    At the salon, we are often asked if it is common for men to do permanent makeup, and it is absolutely! Not to the same extent as women, but it is not at all uncommon. Because although it is not so common for men to make an equally well-shaped eyebrow shape as women, they also want to fill in notches and irregularities in their eyebrows, and in many cases the entire eyebrows if you have few straws yourself.

    For eyebrows is not as femininely associated as e.g. long eyelashes, basically everyone has eyebrows regardless of gender. So there really is a great variety among people who do this.

    Here is an example of a male customer that Annika tattooed the other day:


    Fantastic result right? :)

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    I love that I have my photo studio in the salon now too, it is in my "blog room" so we do not photograph all people with it but some customers I lure in here and it is so fun to finally be able to show in good quality how good Annika really is is. When it comes to such small details as hair, it really is not the same with a digital camera in ordinary lamplight.


    She's amazing Annika!

    She has tattooed Sandra's eyebrows as well as I have photographed and will show you soon :) If you like to see some permanent makeup here in the blog as well?

    By the way, Sandra has received a cancellation tomorrow, she was fully booked earlier but now there is a free time at 10.00 if anyone wants to book a make-up consultation or fringe and eyebrow treatment with her :)

    Now I will crawl to the bus and when I get home I will:
    * Buy two packages of ICA's crushed chocolate ice cream (my favorite)
    * Take a long shower, lubricate myself and apply a thick layer of face mask
    * Watch romantic movies and eat ice cream in bed

    I'll simply have the world's best Friday night, myyyys! ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday you too ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I love these posts and really wish I could afford to tattoo both eyebrows and makeup. At some point in my life I will make sure to do it at your salon, I have decided, because the results from there are without a doubt the best I have seen (and I have searched the net a lot;)).

      More like this in the blog! I would love to see tattooed freckles too.

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