Teeth whitening in Uppsala

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    Now it is very close, soon we will open all bookable times for teeth whitening at the salon! :)

    Jeanette and Alex will start doing teeth whitening at Creative Makeup By Her, and there are a few different price ranges to choose from. Will return with all info in a separate post.

    Jeanette whitened my teeth yesterday, and now they are so white and beautiful! I had quite white teeth before when I bleached them about a year ago, but now she brushed and brushed her teeth as well (removes discoloration) and did not bleach the whole bleaching time, and then they became absolutely perfect :)

    They are whiter than my whites of the eyes so they do not have to be more haha.


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    Fint va? :)

    Last time I whitened my teeth, nothing was brushed on my teeth before, but now they got a thorough review with both brushing and blasting and also Brilliant Smile has a brand new lamp that we are one of the first in Sweden to have, which is much more effective . So that was really nice! The teeth feel super duper clean and completely without discoloration, and in addition I got perfectly bleached teeth in only a third of the time I was under the lamp last time, so it was supernice!

    Here you see before and after:

    teeth whitening-uppsala


    Shout out if you have any questions, but as I said, more info, prices and bookable times will be coming soon ♥

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