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    Good morning fine ni! :)

    I started filming some videos before, but have never been really happy with the technology. Now I have bought new stuff for everything (even a new computer as some new stuff did not work with my old naughty princess) so now I hope I get started with movies for real!

    Every time I have bought something new, I have made several videos in a row and sat like a whole day with it (once you get started you know, haha), but there are only two of all kind of a hundred movies that have been published because I get such anxiety when it does not get completely well.

    So this time I have started by making a small test film for you, where you see quality, light, sound, etc. and can come up with a response. So I can refine according to your wishes before I spend a whole day on a good film which is then never published in any case :)


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    What do you think???

    I personally would probably like to light it up more, I see now, but it can be fixed. I can raise the light on the lamp, but then the camera wants to adapt and gets a little darker anyway, which feels silly when I sit and get mega-dazzled. Anyone know how / if you can change that setting on a Canon eos 700D? :)

    You are the ones who are going to watch the movies so I go completely according to what you think! Music, not music (what kind of music), intro, not intro, is the sound good, is the light good now or do you also want brighter, how long can you hear my voice etc haha.

    Will be super happy for response, both what is good and what can be better! ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      Agrees with almost all comments but puts them in point form for the sake of simplicity
      - brighter
      - if you do hair, for example, I want to see your whole head and hair
      - hope to see clear and nice close-ups when you, for example, make up eyes, so that autofocus does not fool itself
      - a little hollow sound (little echo) so ngn above said, put pillows in room or the like
      - you are very good so just drive on, it's so wonderful that you are natural, unartful and genuine

      <3 <3 <3

    2. Looked good, maybe a little brighter, and your voice, I just love it. You sound so amazingly soft on the voice.
      Have several different makeup blogs on talented girls but your vote takes the prize, i love then :)

    3. It echoes a little or something. put some pillows in the room.?I would like to have a little closer to the slide show so you can see how you put the make-up later.
      Otherwise it seems as good! Longing until we get a video! Hug

    4. Think it looks great. The previous video had problems with autofocus jumping back and forth all the time so that the image became blurred. It was no problem now so it was easier to watch. Hope for many movie clips in the future :)

    5. Hi Helena!
      I think it looks good, you do not have your whole head, but it may be the face that is important…
      Maybe it's a little dark?
      At the beginning of the film you are a bit 'screaming'
      It will be very exciting to see! Good luck!

      • Thanks for the response! I will keep in mind that the whole head will be included in the future, agree that it probably gives a better whole than that it ends just above the hairline. Unfortunately, my voice and personality can not be done much for haha, but I understand what you mean :) Hugs!

    6. Hey!

      Agree with you that a little brighter would probably be good. The whole thing gets like a kind of faint "red light" over it. Know nothing about video and settings but think it would be enough if you just lit up a little. Otherwise the sound is good I think! It will be fun to see some movies later. Wish me a movie where you show how to make a cut-crease. Is crazy nice but does not manage to get it myself. Good luck! :)

      • Yes I agree, did not think so when I filmed but since both the blog and youtube are white and bright, suddenly the film felt very dark. Yes, I will definitely do that when I get started :) Thanks for the response!

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