Cover pimples in the best way

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    The difficulty with applying make-up over acne and covering pimples is that you have to have such a heavenly thick layer of foundation to get rid of the red tone in the dots, because red has a tendency to shine through regardless of whether you have a good covering foundation. That is why I always work with more products than just foundation for as natural and fine a result as possible.

    I have quite a lot of pimples on my cheeks right now and therefore thought I would take the opportunity to show you step by step how to make them off without getting an unnatural and cakey result :)

    Because I have shown you before how you can make up a single pimple, with concealer, etc. But it is not as easy when you have many pimples, you do not have time to make up pimple by pimple when you have 100 pieces. Then you have to focus on whole areas instead. But I still think that you should not have the same coverage all over your face, where you do not need as much coverage, it is nicer to have it more natural, and the whole make-up will be more durable then.

    Here you see before and after my result of covering pimples in the best way!

    Cover pimples in the best way before and after

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    Difference huh? A little difficult to judge when I have taken full pictures of the face, so here are some real close-ups as well so you can see really well!

    Cover pimples green primer

    This is how the skin looks completely unmade up.

    Cover pimples with green primer:

    What I start with then is a green face primer that neutralizes the reddest, Zuii Organic Correcting Primer (adlink).

    cover pimples with green face primer

    You can take quite a lot of primer, but massage it into the skin thoroughly before continuing to apply make-up. I have not done it in the picture yet just so you can get an idea of how much I have used. But as long as you massage it into the skin properly, you can apply quite generously with primer if it is a smooth area such as the cheeks. Around the nose or eyes where the skin is a little thinner, you should not apply as much :)

    2. Mineral foundation


    Then I use mineral foundation, in these pictures I have used gloMinerals Pressed Base Foundation in the shade Golden Light. Mineral foundation is great for acne skin, purely in terms of skin care, and it is also so good because you can easily apply more where you need more coverage, and then apply a very thin layer on the other areas without the result looking uneven.

    cover pimples with mineral foundation

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    Then it looks like this later! As you can see, the pimples closest to the ears are not completely covered, which is because it is a little difficult to see in the mirror there because it is so far to the side. So it's a tip you can learn from my mistakes, be careful also on the pages so you get all the pimples covered :)

    Cover pimples with powder that neutralizes red:

    In any case, when you have come this far, it is now that you often use too much foundation, you can cover the pimples even more if you brace yourself, but for as natural and sustainable a result as possible, it is better to use a powder that neutralizes red.

    I have tested several powders of this type before, but never really stuck to it for 100%, until I tested gloMinerals  Redness Relief Powder, it's so good! You can either just swipe with the brush over the face for just a little effect, or you can dab on quite a lot in a specific area and then it is extremely effective!

    cover pimples with redness relief

    I nibble on quite a lot of powder Nanshy foundation brush, and then I use a kabuki brush to massage it more into the skin and brush off excess powder.

    Also read my post where I go through all of them makeup brushes from Nanshy. :)

    before and after covering pimples / rosacea

    And here you see the final result!

    You can see the pimples quite clearly in the afterimage, but it's mostly because I have such a good camera, you hardly think about it in reality. That was the first thing our makeup artist Sandra said when I came out of the store again (after starting the work day without make-up) she said straight away ”you have covered it super nice really!”And best of all - the make-up lasted well all day too :)
    makeup over rosacea

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    And with a little contouring, blush and eyebrows (so you look a little alive again) you will be this nice! :)


    It is not one good product that gives the best result, unfortunately, or not as I tested anyway. It is often thought that many products become cake on cake and give an unnatural result because it is "a lot of makeup" but it is rather lots of same product that ultimately gives a make-up and actually uneconomical result in the long run. Use some of several good products that work together instead! And focus on neutralizing the red more than putting a thick skin-colored layer over it.

    Hope the post was helpful, shout out if you have any questions. Also read my post about that reduce redness of the face. ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. wow, what a nice result! (you are nice before too). I have adult acne, especially on the cheeks and along the jaw. mine has an oily t-zone but is also surface dry. is curious about mineral foundation like this but is so afraid that it will highlight the dry parts around the pimples like… what do you think?

    2. So nice make-up all the time :) Beautiful source of inspiration!

      After seeing pictures, I have thought for a long time about ordering that glominerals powder / foundation in the same shade but am a little unsure (and do not like to go without the slightest make-up..impossible to get real help then!) Does that shade suit someone who is a mixture ( seems difficult for knowledgeable people to help me with color choices namely.) out of 'winter / summer' do you think?

      By the way, do you have any affordable tips for a worn-out mother of 32 years who seems to have rosacea problems (also lost color under the mouth = white, so it looks like I missed putting on make-up there) AND lost almost all lashes, - mostly in one eye .. How do I??! White-pink-red-yellow-bad skin-without lashes. Brutal!

      Can't have lash extension or have the time to throw on a pair of loose lashes and hope they stay as I never tested it. Does not have good opaque makeup either, so looks really shitty when we arrive at school .. can unfortunately not spend a lot of money on makeup öht .. Total chaos..yes you understand!
      Never looked this bad.

      This was a very long message - sorry for that :) but hope you have some small tips.

      • It is always difficult to judge the nuance of a text like this, but the Golden series is by far the most common so the odds are quite high that they will suit you. The best if you are unsure is to go on how dark / light you are, Golden light if you are a little more in the pale direction, and medium / dark if you are light but not "winter pale". The Golden series is probably a good shade if you are unsure whether you should have hot or cold but want a little more in between, if I understand you correctly? For Natural is more cold / neutral and Honey is warm :)

        As for the lashes, it's like you're probably hard to do something where you do not have your own straws, you can unfortunately not paint mascara on lashes that do not exist. What I recommend most is lashliner, meaning that you fill in with black right in the scalp of the lashes. It gives a lot of effect without looking directly made up like a wide sharp eyeliner. Then a black eye shadow is enough (Paese's cashmere shadow 602 is carbon black and cheap).

        So, gloMinerals foundation to even out the skin tone and then a black lashliner on it, it will make a very big difference :) Hugs!

    3. Wow what a result! Have been following you and your blog for a while now and am really impressed with how good you are! : D Really love makeup & beauty so your blog is really perfect for me, and you really inspire!

    4. Oh, you're so cruel! Had I lived a little closer to Uppsala, I would have been a regular with you. 😊 I have peeked a bit in your webshop as I am looking for a powder. I had actually thought of a transparent powder to keep my foundation in place and to give my dry skin a little glow. Choose between Pease Glow and Bambo Silk. I think it is awkward to have a powder with color as it is difficult to match the skin tone, they change all the time now during the winter. But at the same time I want the luster .. 🙈 Which powder did you recommend for me? Kramis

      • Oh thank you! :) Paese glow powder is only to give extra luster, no one I recommend to fix foundation with or use for degrading purposes, then Bamboo silk is much better! I usually use the Glow powder only on the high parts of the face, such as in the middle of the chin, forehead, cheekbones, nose, and on the collarbones and shoulders. So I would recommend both, as they are like two completely different products type, although both are in powder form :) Hugs!

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