Cover pimples with duo concealer!

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    A duo concealer is among the best I have in my makeup bag at the moment! It is thus a concealer that contains two shades. The one I will show you today has a lighter shade, and a darker one, but in the same color scale.

    I have a lot of stress around me at the moment (positive stress at work, but still stess) and have gotten a lot more pimples lately. And I, who do not usually have so much darkness under my eyes, see how it starts to creep up as well. I sleep well but dream a lot, have dreamed different stress dreams about cars lately, usually red cars, dream interpretation anyone? Lol :)

    Anyway, a duo concealer is my salvation right now to make away fatigue! Here's how I use it:


    I use gloMinerals Under Eye Concealer, it is available in more shades and I use the shade Golden. Available HERE and costs SEK 289.

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    Under the eyes - I use the light concealer when I put make-up under the eyes. It both covers and brightens, and is thin enough in the formula that it folds naturally and nicely. Extremely well!

    On blemishes and the like - In the rest of the face I mix the light and the dark concealer to get a shade that is similar to my skin tone, during the summer I could only have the dark but now I need to mix them to get a perfect tone. Then I cover pimples and such bumps with it.


    What a difference huh ?! The pimples are gone and the darkness under the eyes looks almost retouched, although I can promise you that it is not;)

    Natural result
    I usually recommend not having a full-coverage foundation if you do not need a lot of coverage on the entire face. As you can see in the replica above, where I only have concealer under the eyes, on pimples and a little around the nose, the rest is completely unmade up, which makes the whole thing much more natural than if you have a full-coverage foundation that covers just everything in the whole face.

    Then you can instead have a thin layer of mineral foundation or a semi-covering foundation, and get a natural complexion that is also flawless! :)


    Here you see the difference on the pimples a little better, I still have no foundation, just concealer right on the dots.


    1. The most important thing is not to put any fingers in the jar due to hygiene reasons. I usually apply with Concealer & Angle Eco Brush from Eco Minerals, it is flat and really good for covering pimples / spots but above all under the eyes (shows this further down in the post).

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    2. Mix the shades to a good color for your skin tone, dab the concealer cream on the spots you want to cover.

    3. Spread the concealer so that it fades into the skin tone.

    Before or after foundation?
    I usually apply the concealer after foundation if I have a liquid foundation. Partly to see how much only the foundation covers (otherwise it is easy to use an unnecessary amount of concealer, and forget that the foundation also actually covers some), but also because you can sometimes brush off the concealer during the foundation application so that you in in any case feel that you need more. And if the concealer is your own skin tone, it works brilliantly even after foundation :)

    If you use mineral foundation which is a dry product, you should apply the concealer before foundation, and then you can "dab" on the foundation in areas with a lot of concealer so as not to remove the concealer, but instead fix it.

    Pillows afterwards?
    In areas with lines, e.g. under the eyes or around the nose, where I recommend powdering afterwards to fix, otherwise creamy concealers can easily fold, but a good concealer does not do that as long as you powder. I usually fix with powder all over my face to really be sure that it is there, because I also get oily in the skin after a while, but it still lasts well even if you do not powder, so it is a matter of taste.


    Here you see before and after a little closer!

    Under the eyes
    Under the eyes, I always apply with Concealer & Angle Eco Brush from Eco Minerals, as it is narrow if you angle it to the side or use the top, and is wide if you use the flat side, which is very flexible:

    glominerals-under-eye concealer

    1. Apply with the narrow side of the brush, and apply most concealer where it is a little "sunken" under the eye, this is where you have to lighten up to fill in the shadow.
    2. Spread with the flat side of the brush, so that you light up under the whole eye. Feel free to fade the concealer a little downwards so that it blends in with the skin tone properly, so you do not look super bright under the eyes compared to the rest of the face.
    3. Finish with a thin, transparent powder to fix.

    Then it's ready! :)

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    And this is what my skin looked like after the rest of the base make-up as well, surely you can not believe that I have so much visible stress during the make-up? ;)

    Shout out if you have any thoughts! ♥


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