The best babysitters

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    Found pictures on sister Mia's blog, from when Miska and I babysat to Meja and Mila last Saturday. Many names on M it was in that sense I feel, hehe.
    Mila did not sleep and wake up very often, and Meja first played constantly but soon fell asleep too.
    So Miska and I had fun on our own, with Mejas pearl plates!
    Miska made the little mouse in Cinderella :)

    And I did Bell in Beauty & the Beast!

    Fina va? Me and Miska then;)
    Now I'm going to go and have some dinner, and try cure my fever with tea. Fever is almost becoming everyday food for me, do not know what is wrong?
    Oh well. At least I have "got back" my camera that has been in repair for a long time now. They did not manage to fix it so got one new instead :)
    So there is no need for me!
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    Helena Amiley
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