The savior in need of dry lips - pacifier ointment!

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    My sister Mia has been nagging me for several weeks now that I have to tell you about cream which is the only thing that has worked on her mega dry lips. And now I have finally grabbed the thing and photographed it!

    She eats Isotretinoin, tablets you eat to get rid of oily skin, and then you instead become super dry and her lips crack in the mouth pores because they are so dry - if she does not use Purelan, a cream that is actually for irritated nipples, which she borrowed from my other sister who just had a baby :)


    As I said, Purelan is mainly for the tits, but you can use it on all dry areas on the body. It is 100% natural and completely free of preservatives and such additives.

    It costs about 139 and is available at most pharmacies, but is now on sale and costs 105 kronor there and has free shipping.

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    However, one should be careful with it in the sun, the sister who has it on her lips constantly burned so much that she got blisters on her entire lips. But beyond that, it is apparently a full scorer :)


    It is not a complicated cream, but simply 100% wool grease.


    And here you see what the cream looks like :)

    So now you know, if you suffer from super dry lips then it may be worth trying this!

    Hugs are ♥

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