Tattoo your lips

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    Look what I did yesterday! :)

    IMG_0152_111Annika on Creative Make Up have tattooed my lips before, about 2 ½ years ago, and now I wanted to make them a little bigger so she fixed it for me! :)

    Actually, I have not bothered that my lips are small, but we started to do a little outside the shape just to get a softer shape, I had a slightly more "sour" mouth before. And you know what it will be like once you start with something, then you continue "just to test" haha. That's what's good about permanent makeup, it does not last forever so you do not have to think about "what if I do not want tattooed lips when I am old" etc.

    I am super happy with the shape and it feels really good! :)

    They are very sharp and dark now, but when they have healed, the color will be about the same as before, but with a little more highlighter further into the mouth - I think it looks so dark there when I do a "resting bitch face-pose" in front of the camera Lol.

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    This is how it works:
    Form 1 - You draw the shape and come up with a shape that both you and Annika think looks good. I drew the shape myself, but on "regular customers" Annika does it.
    Stunning - Then you anesthetize with an ointment, it is so sickly effective and it really does not hurt at all when she tattoos! You feel that it vibrates a little but sometimes it is as if she barely touches.
    3. Contour - Annika tattoos the contours directly so that you can see the shape properly even if what you painted disappears or if you get swollen.
    4. New anesthesia - Annika puts on new anesthesia all the time, so that the area stays anesthetized.
    5. Tattoo - Exactly how to proceed then depends a bit on what the customer wants for results, on me I think she used a color for the contour, which she then shadows inwards, then a highlighter in the middle of the lips, and finally an intermediate color also so that the transition will be nice. But you can e.g. tattoo your entire lips or ignore the highlighter and just do the intoned contour. Because because I already had an outline and wanted to make her lips bigger, she had to "tattoo away" the previous outline.

    6. Clear - When it is ready, you get an ointment to take home, which you should lubricate at home. The color is then much darker than the end result.

    7. Immediately after - The anesthesia releases after a while and then you start to feel that it is a little tender. After a while, the mouth becomes quite stiff and the skin feels a little hard.
    8. At night - The first night and the day after, the lips can liquefy a little, I woke up last night and thought I was drooling, but on some the lips can liquefy quite a lot, and so it will be for me haha.
    9. The days after - When the lips heal, they flake off, it does not hurt at all but it is a little over. You must absolutely not remove the skin yourself.
    10. Result - Then when the old skin has disappeared, the new nice lips appear!

    This is what I looked like when I got home yesterday:


    They're a little uneven now but that's just because I'm swollen.

    Today they look about the same but a little more "sticky", you can see that the skin has started the healing process but they have not started to flake yet. I'm going to take pictures every day, I thought, so you'll see what it's like when they heal.

    Lips are the only tattoo that is a bit awkward, I think, you are so dependent on your mouth when you talk, eat, laugh, and right now it is so stiff that I do not dare to smile haha.

    The last time I did that, I worked at the cash register at Länsförsäkringar's lunch restaurant, I got a tattoo on a Saturday so I had just started flaking when I started on Monday. Tried to hide it with two tones of colored lip gloss in the beginning (although you are not allowed to put on make-up). "Smile and pretend like nothing" was my melody haha. Do not think so many thought about it, but you feel a little funny :)


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    Longing until it has healed, then you will see before and after pictures!

    Shout out if you have any questions, and I'll answer everything! :)

    Hugs ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi Helena!
      So glad I found your blog and saw this post!
      I'm only 19 years old and I did a lip tattoo myself 1 month ago. Have not been happy that my lips were so pale and uneven so wanted to do something eat it! But now that the tattoo is done, I'm not really happy, did it at a different salon than where you did. For me, the upper lip was smaller than I wanted and the shape was not exactly as I wanted them (you still want to be 100% happy). So have booked a new time and we will fill in the upper lip. However, I got herpes blisters around the mouth last, which you can easily get if you have a tendency to get it, so it feels hard to have to go through the procedure again! Do you think they have become exactly the way you wanted them to be every time? Feels so scary to go through it all again, found it quite uncomfortable…. But hope they are worth them when the next visit is made!
      Then I wonder…
      Do you know if there are any risks with lip tattoo?
      How long did the color you last last last? And what do they look like when they start to disappear? Are you so afraid that they will look completely crazy if it disappears faster in some places than others for example?
      And does your tattoo artist say that you are not allowed to train for 10 days either?
      Do you have any tips on how I could explain to my tattoo artist in the best way how I want it so they do not go wrong?
      And what tips do you have on how to prepare for the procedure? Type of things you should buy….

      Sorry for the long post!
      Have a good time!

      • Hey! Oh how sad not to be satisfied, I was super happy last time and what I can decide already now before healing, I am super happy now with. As for the shape, Annika draws it up together with the customer, and tests a little differently until both are satisfied. But I have understood from others that not all tattooists draw the shape, and that some just go by their own shape and do not go outside the contour? It is certainly very different but Annika is careful to make a shape that both like, and you see that before so there will be no surprises after the treatment.

        The healing is a little over and blisters are common, but otherwise there are no risks as long as you go to a good person, and I can only speak for Annika of course because I have no insight into how other tattooists do.

        The color has held up great, and I got a tattoo about two and a half years ago. Has disappeared evenly and nicely and a lot is left, so I would not have wanted bigger now so I would not have had to tattoo at all.

        No, I have not heard anything about not exercising. Did the person say what the reason is?

        My best tip is of course to go to a tattoo artist you trust, so you do not have to think about things like this. But I understand you want to go back because you are not paying full price again (I hope). Draw the shape together, paint a little yourself to show how you intend. And buy home Anti or any such cold sore ointment before. I have not prepared myself with anything else, get a good ointment to lubricate with by Annika and then just lubricate and wait for healing :)

        I want to emphasize that I only talk based on how Annika works, I do not know how other tattoo artists do. But Annika, I could give 100% free rein and still trust that the result will be good. It is so important to go to a person you trust, who is both good and thorough.

        Good luck! :) Hugs!

        • Thank you very much for the great answers !!! I hope they are just as good for me. Had it not been for the fact that I get it much cheaper now on the return visit, I would have booked an appointment with your Annika.
          Yes she I have said that you should not exercise during the healing time as salt is produced when you sweat and that they cause difficulties for healing and that the color of the lips can then be bleached…

          Nice to hear that they heal nicely! Hopefully I will be happy now next time :) thank you again please for super answers!

    2. But god they already look perfect, you will be even nicer when they have healed !! Then I think they are so fun that you thought they were uneven while I myself thought they looked perfect in shape as well but they are probably because you can not do that;) exciting to see the result! How long should they heal? Hug!

    3. Super nice already :) What has she done to you, I think if you should book an appointment. Are they lips with an intonated contour or something more?

    4. It looks so nice already and I am so curious about the end result. Love posts like this and would love to tattoo makeup myself but can't afford it right now. Annika really seems to be number one in the country on it.

    5. It already looks nice before you have posted before / after pictures. Usch does not hurt even if you may have some kind of anesthesia? It will be exciting to see the pictures :)

      • No not bad at all! You are not so stunned that you feel zero, but you just feel that she touches her lips and that something vibrates, you are shocked at how little it feels. Even so that the tip of the tongue became a little numb :) In some areas of the lip I thought "has she started tattooing yet?" haha, it feels so little.

        The lips are so sensitive that the anesthetic is very effective, so I would say that the eyebrows felt more, even though it does not hurt that way either. I have done real tattoos and have a very low pain threshold, so I understand what people think of pain when they say tattoo, but it is not possible to compare :)

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