To put their "wise" heads together

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    I - It's so typical… People do not believe things I say, just because I'm saying them. Had someone else said the same facts, no one would have objected.
    "Strange…"  coughs Borell next door.

    Julia - Mone I understand you Helena… I know how it feels!

    Then I put my arm on her shoulder to give a half thank you hug, and PANG collide our heads with each other.

    I - Aooooooooo…

    Holds her hand to her ear in pain, while Julia does not even notice anything but continues to eat.

    Julia and I have a tendency to "be a little unsmart”Sometimes. So yesterday after this event, I realized that it would be fun to tell here on the blog about everything we manage to embarrass ourselves with. Kind of every single night, haha.

    But if these posts do not continue, I have probably just realized that it will be crazy for embarrassing!

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    Helena Amiley
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