To make up "wrong"

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    I got an interesting comment yesterday that I was going to address in a blog post :)

    Do you think anything special if you see someone in town who has put on make-up "completely wrong" ..? It should have had warm colors, red lips, lighter foundation or other eyebrows, for example? As another can look in daylight ;-) In the bathroom it looks good in the lighting but then when you come out in daylight you look like hello come and help me! :-D ”

    You get a little injured at work, I can not stick under the chair with that. But when it comes to private individuals, I rarely look (if they are not super nicely made up because then I get inspired and can not stop staring for that reason haha). Especially not if it is about warm and cold tones, wrong color of the lips, or small details that differ only due to different lights. I could not care less about that actually, I do not even notice it because I rarely look so closely :)

    And when it comes to color choices on lipsticks and eye shadows and stuff, I do not care even though I look, it is a matter of taste and I am allergic to such rules.

    What I usually think about is rather TV and such contexts where makeup artists have fixed all the people. Then I can probably be a little judgmental sometimes, although it is mostly a positive quality to get better myself, I know that I am not perfect myself either.

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    However, you can see really crazy eyebrows quite often, and then I do not mean that they must be very nice to not attract my attention, but a lot of people destroy their fine facial features with very strange eyebrows - usually because they have tried too much I think. But it will probably be easy that way, when a relatively difficult make-up detail becomes trendy.


    Hahaha, and I can not hide under the chair that I think that all eyebrow quotes circulating on Instagram are really funny, although most of them are just awful :)

    But I think a lot of people think that we makeup artists stare and judge other people's make-up much more than we (I) actually do. I sometimes meet people who want to justify their make-up and point out all the mistakes without me even thinking about them, e.g. ”I was in a hurry this morning, do not look at my eyeliner!”.

    And some have been completely honest and said that they have had a bit of makeup anxiety (several who skipped the makeup completely) because they know they will meet me, and are afraid that I will think they have done wrong. When it ends up at that level, I get most sad, because the last thing I want is to spread makeup fear, I'm passionate about the opposite!

    Summary - You do not have to worry, I think idiots and people who have not known how to put their energy into something sensible judge you a thousand times more than we makeup artists do, we who know that makeup requires knowledge, touch and interest to become really good. Drive on, I say! I am much happier to see a smiling mouth with an unevenly colored lipstick in town, than a perfectly applied mascara :)

    Kraaaam ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I imagine that make-up artists check out your make-up when you enter, for example, Kicks and make-up store :-) therefore I go to such shops almost constantly without make-up .. haha ..

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