To start putting on make-up

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    I have understood that it has fallen in a lot of readers on my blog, who basically do not put on make-up at all but just happened to end up here and been inspired. I think it's great fun! :)

    But if you have never put on make-up and want to start with it, then it is difficult when you stand there completely without stuff and so you think "Where do I start, and what makeup should I buy?"


    It should just be fun to start putting on makeup, and not feel like a jungle of products that just makes one dizzy in the ball. Therefore, I now thought to tell you which products I think are most important, and give suggestions where you only need to buy everything in one place.

    These 6 products are things that I think everyone "must" have:
    1. Mascara
    . A good mascara is a must for a successful make-up.
    2. Foundation. A good foundation does so much for the overall impression.
    3. Red. A little color on the cheeks gives a more lively feeling, especially "important" in winter.
    4. Brow shadow / pencil. Filled eyebrows frame the face.
    5. Lip gloss. Or something else for the lips, pins or lip balm.
    6. White eyeliner. Lighten up the waterline and look 5 times more alert!

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    (If you then want to do more fun make-up, I recommend an eye primer, eye shadow palette (type H&M works well if you have a good primer) and some fun eyeliner pencils, IsaDora has many nice ones!)

    With these products you look something like this :)

    I chose brands from the Kicks store as that chain is large and can be found all over Sweden!

    Here you have a small kit with products to start the make-up!

    1. Mascaran Lumene CloudberryVolume Serum Mascara is super good and gives long, nice lashes.
    2. CC-Creamen from Lumene is sufficiently opaque for people who need it, but also light on the skin for those who just want to even out the skin tone.
    3. Rouge from Maybelline from FIT me series, gives a nice color and is available in both discreet and pigment-rich tones.
    4. Brow shadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Even if you prefer pencil or shadow, I can recommend this brand.
    5. Lip gloss pencil from Lumene. My favorite gloss, all shades are beautiful, comfortable on the lips and can be quickly applied.
    6. The white eyeliner, IsaDora Inliner Kajal is for the waterline, rich in pigment but still natural and fits well.


    And if you are sensitive to make-up and prefer mineral make-up, I would like to recommend it again nudh mineral, unfortunately there are no pencils or eyebrow make-up in that brand yet, but for a complete foundation, there are really good products!

    And if you are a brunette, the eye shadow Cacao Brown fits perfectly as an eyebrow shadow as well, and then only the white eyeliner pen is missing in the basic kit, and it is the least important in my opinion :)


    Hope this was helpful to someone!
    Hug, Helena

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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