TRESemmé Keratin Smooth

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    It's not too often that I write about hair. But right now I'm like taken by storm!


    My hair routine:
    I always use TRESemmé's shampoo and conditioner, I have done this for several years! Partly because I love their large packages that last so long, and also because they are easy to buy in regular grocery stores, you do not have to look for a hair salon.

    After the shower, I lubricate the hair in some kind of hair oil or serum, and there I switch from brand to brand. A little depending on the wallet, etc.


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    But now have I tested TRESemmés new collection - Keratin Smooth.

    I shower with shampoo & conditioner, and then I care for the hair with the oil which is also from the Keratin series.

    My hair has probably never been so soft! And also stayed so soft only until the next shower!

    It feels like when you have been to the hairdresser, you know when you can not really stop touching your own hair because it is so soft and nice? :)


    Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in hair and nails, but when worn, the keratin loosens up and that is when the hair becomes dry and brittle.

    You can do keratin treatments at salons, which is often very expensive. But we get rid of it now!

    TRESemmé's collection rebuilds damaged hair and is good in the long run, but you really notice a BIG difference already after the first shower!

    However, I have not tried to just shower and not take the oil afterwards, and see how much effect it is with just shampoo and conditioner. Will do it next time and update you :) I will also test the hair wrap and heat spray!


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    Can really recommend this, from the heart !!

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