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    Received an email the other day:

    Hi Helena! You mentioned in your post about the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2016 that Annika was completely unmade up at the gala. Can't you show a picture of her own tattoos on her face so you can see what it looks like? Am so eager to tattoo both eyebrows, eyes and lips, whiten teeth and color and permanent eyelashes with you before the summer and be DOSSY on the beach and then never have to put on makeup again. But I'm a little unsure of what it really looks like, your tattoos are very nice but quite discreet, I still want to look made up and fixed all the time. Thanks for a great blog! Hug, L ”

    As I said, we are planning signage for our large windows in the salon, and I play photographer full time almost;) The other day I took a picture of beautiful Annika who started Creative Make Up, and is THE Annika who does all the nice eyebrow tattoos I have put on published in the blog now and then for several years now. So incredibly fascinated by this still!

    Annika herself never puts on make-up anymore, and by never does I really mean never. She is a skin care nerd and has products in her fridge at home instead of food, and is a diligent user of lip balm, but she does not use makeup at all!

    Look how beautiful she is:

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    1 Annika copy

    Annika has tattooed:
    Smoky eyeliner up and down, on the top it is smoky with both black and brown
    Light aligns along the waterline and highlights in the corner of the eye
    Lips + highlighter in the middle and around. Her lips are about an inch wider than her natural lips!

    Annika colors and permanents her eyelashes regularly so that it looks like she has mascara constantly. She also uses Beautylash to lengthen their lashes.

    Cool huh? And so nice! Had I not blogged about makeup, I would have tattooed in as much right away, no doubt about it :) She wakes up like this, bathes like this, trains like this, completely crazy!

    Blir ni sugna? :)

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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