Dare to use color!

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    Thank you for all the happy new year greetings, it means a lot when you take the time to write a few lines just to say something nice! I will be very happy :)

    Now it's new year, and the mood is at its peak! New goals have been set and we are gathering energy to have a successful year.

    Something that many say is "this year I will dare more!" and you generally want a change like this by the turn of the year. A wonderful New Year's promise is when people want to start using more color I think! It enlivens life, and even though earthy brown shades are incomparably beautiful, then colors are actually a little more fun and you can also vary more.

    colorful eye shadows

    But if you are not used to using colorful makeup, it can feel uncomfortable at first. Here are some tips on how to start using color secretly, so that you do not put on a jungle make-up immediately and feel dressed in masquerade. You have to step up before you feel good in different color combinations :)

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    1. Start by buying a colorful eyeliner pen. Apply only to any part of the eye, for example along the waterline or at the end of the upper lash line. A color click in that way is both easy to make and super nice, at the same time as you get used to color. Yves Rocher has good and nice colorful pencils that I like, costs SEK 89 here.

    2. You can also buy a colorful mascara and apply on just the lower lashes. This gives the look color, while you do not need more makeup than usual if you still always use mascara. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Make Up Store have good colored mascaras!


    3. When you feel ready, you can use both mascara and eyeliner!

    4. After getting used to even more color and it's time to start with eye shadows, then focus only on the eyelid instead of applying around the entire eye. It does not necessarily have to be completely empty on the lower lash line, but you can choose a down-to-earth / black eye shadow there instead. Color on just the eyelid or around the whole eye makes a huge difference to the overall impression. The make-up looks 5 times more colorful if you put the shadow under the eye as well.

    5. There are some colors that are easier to start with than others if you feel insecure about colorful shades. Green is a color that many people look good in, even though it is a colorful color, it is still very down to earth. Dark purple and light pink are also colors that many people like.

    IMG_0862 - copy

    6. When you finally feel comfortable and good-looking in colorful make-up and start mixing different eye shadows, I have a tip if you find it difficult to blur them together in a nice way. It is much easier to blur two colors that are close together in the color circle, for example yellow green blue  Blue lila pink – Green blue lila. Instead of, for example blue yellow green where blue and yellow do not merge as naturally in each other.



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    7. My last tip is to actually get in the collar and dare to go out with a colorful make-up. It is easy to stare blindly in the mirror at home until you become so insecure that you wash everything away. Start easily with a trip to the store or a coffee with your friend. If you also get a compliment, it feels even more obvious to choose the colorful eye shadow next time as well. In the end, you might have a color click every single day! :)

    Hope you feel inspired!

    If you want to see an incredibly colorful make-up, you can have a look Imakeyousmile.se where today I published the New Year's make - up I had on Tuesday!

    Hug, Helena

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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