Spring feelings & entrepreneurial thoughts

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    Am I the only one who has brutal spring feelings? How can it only be January? I'm sitting in our newly cleaned apartment (as my sister Mia has cleaned when we were at work, how kind-hearted can you be? ♥) and drink coffee while the sun shines into the kitchen. And when I pulled up the blinds on all the windows, I was met by the sight of dry asphalt, DRY! Is there any more spring sign of spring is dry asphalt?

    I like winter but it could not have been better right now, happy spring feelings without the "damn-what-time-goes-fast-panic". Now I enjoy that it's still winter actually, probably already tomorrow again, at the same time as I let the spring tingle and inspiration fill my brain :)

    We have had a free weekend (free = only computer work from home) and I have had two days of bedtime, woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast ready on the table. And today I started the day with a facial sauna (saucepan with steaming water), peeling, red light treatment for pimples, and then an organic face mask with green clay that sucks dirt, oil and dead skin cells out of the pores :) Feeling like a new person!

    Screenshot 2016-01-31 12.41.11

    The face mask is Botanicals Clay Mask with Green Clay & Avocado.

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    Now I sit and think about what I should do next, if I should take advantage of the energy I feel right now and do some good. Or if I should take the opportunity to rest and gather even more energy so that I can hopefully do even more good next week, instead of working now when I have the opportunity to be 100% free.

    The eternal dilemma as a self-employed person, the desire to work all the time around the clock while at the same time understanding deep down that it is important to rest as well. Difficult that. I often struggle with thoughts ”I'm still young and can work 300% and feel bad for a while, because it will pay off later" parallel to "it is important to rest and I will have more strength tomorrow if I have a quiet evening, you should feel good during the whole trip as well and not just think about the goal”. What is right?!

    But I will probably do some creative and calm work in any case, finula on some fun campaign or some such fun idea that is hard to come up with when you are tired. And then bed me down in front of a romantic movie and eat grapes :) It will be good!

    Hope you also had a great weekend ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello!
      A while ago I bought that face mask, and I LOVED it! Perfect for my super duper dry but at the same time super oily skin! But now it has been out for a while and I feel that the skin needs it: D However, I saw that it is sold out in the webshop. Do you know when it will be back in stock? :)

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