Video - Apply blush with gloMinerals Blush

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    It is very interesting which products are most in demand in the store compared to the webshop, because it can be very different!

    And blush is just such a product that almost every other person wants help with at the salon. Both how to think when applying but also which shade you should choose.

    Therefore, I have now made a video with all the tips that we give to our customers at the salon and show gloMinerals three most common shades! Hope you like it :)

    The products used in the video are:
    Rouge - gloMinerals Blush and I apply the shade Papaya in the film, as well as show and talk and Rosebud and Sweet as well.
    Brushes - Nanshy Blush Brush

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    The blushes that are most popular in our range are without a doubt gloMinerals Blush. They not only have great shades but are also incredibly rich in pigments so you do not need much at all on the brush, which makes it easier when you want an even and nice result.

    They are mineral based and contain vitamins A, C and E as well as green tea extract.

    I took a swatch picture of the shades so you can see clearly what the shades look like!

    Sweet - A light peach shade with a beautiful golden luster. Mild in tone and perfect for you who want a discreet color. Very nice also on top of other blush shades to vary.
    Papyapa -
    Our customer favorite! A pink color that looks bright in the jar but becomes a soft pink tone on the cheeks.
    Rosebud - Cold tone that goes in the rosy, red direction.
    Hibiscus - A deeper, murky shade
    Sandalwood - A warm, earthy blush shade

    Which shade to choose?
    One of the most common questions! The answer is different depending on what you are looking for for effect - if you want a tone that "pops" more, you should choose a cold blush if you have a warm skin tone, or vice versa. If, on the other hand, you want a blush that blends into your skin tone, choose a warm blush if you have a warm skin tone, or a cold blush if you have a cold skin tone.

    You can also choose different blushes depending on what kind of makeup you have in general, e.g. completely ignore what you have for skin tone and do a make-up in cold tones on both eyes, lips and cheeks. There are no requirements or rules!

    Two safe cards if you are unsure are Papaya and Rosebud. They go well with both warm and cold skin tones, papaya is a better choice if you want a color that enlivens a little more while Rosebud is a better choice if you want a shade that blends into the skin tone and becomes more discreet.

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    Hope the post and video were helpful :)

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Good tips! Should you apply the blush like this regardless of face shape? :-) which blush would you recommend now that you are tanned? Has a warm skin tone.

      • Glad you like it! :) I apply so regardless of face shape, because you follow your own facial features and you get a blush that is adapted to your face. If you want to emphasize the shape of the face more, or change the shape, I usually do it with the contouring instead. Some say different guidelines for applying blush depending on face shape, but in my opinion you use blush only to get color and life in the face, and then the face shape does not matter. However, there are lots of other ways depending on what you want for effect, e.g. just put on the apple cheeks, but it still has nothing to do with the face shape :)

        If you are tanned, I either prefer Papaya for a shade that pops and does not "disappear in the tan", but Sandalwood is also super nice for the tan and highlights it very nicely! Hug

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