The video podcast Episode 1 - Basic make-up

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    Now you will get to know a fun thing I have been doing lately, and will continue to do even if everything goes well :)

    My sister Malin and I have started a video podcast together!

    "What is a video podcast?" you might be thinking now. Malin and I have discussed for a long time that it would be fun to make a podcast together with a focus on make-up but also a lot of side topics. But it's not super fun to just listen  on make-up, you want to be able to see it in front of you, and therefore we put together a podcast and video blog - I am filmed when I put on make-up and Malin is behind the camera :)

    The first episode is a basic episode where I show how I lay down, at the same time we talk a bit about inspiring blogs and people and you get to know us a little!

    It was a bit difficult with just the first episode, very technical that should go together, mobile phones that were forgotten to be turned off, etc. hehe, so there are a lot of cuts. But I can say that the second episode is also already ready, and there will be more talk and less cutting :)

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    Hope you find this fun! Both in terms of make-up but also the principle that I do not sit alone and talk into the camera without it being more poignant :)

    The second episode will be published shortly, but if you have wishes about themes (both make-up and general), just shout!


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. cool with video blog! feel free to film closer, because you do not see the make-up so well, hope your sister dares to show herself a turn, becomes more personal then than just a background voice. feel free to have episodes that are 20-30 min, that is what I experience is a time you can check. ;) Feel free to tip about simple hairstyles for the make-up you do would be fun! :)

    2. Just thought to ask a little ..
      Should you put your sun powder where you suck your cheeks together, where it gets deep, you understand? or should you buy something else and put there? Tkr they are nice when the deep is emphasized. Read that you wrote that you put the sun powder on the "apple" itself if I am not wrong but I always put my sun powder in the deep. Am I wrong then ??
      How dark can a sun powder be allowed to be without it looking dirty as well? Have a sun powder from Elisabeth Arden which is actually a bit too dark for me, but tkr it will be nice anyway actually !! Not so orange .. Where does the border go? :) or are they crazy wrong?


    3. Think it was a fun idea. But became so curious about the primer you used in the beginning so I could hardly concentrate. Felt a strong must have desire. :)
      Where can I find it, what does it cost, how fast can I get it? : D

      Great job girls. :)

    4. Great fun idea that I think will be great with some tweaks.
      Agree with the previous that it would have been nice to have the camera a little closer to your face then I thought it became quite difficult to listen to as you sound very far away and your sister very close.
      Looking forward to the second episode!

    5. Watched the first video podcast, the only downside being that the camera was so far from your face.
      Would have liked to be able to see your face a little better, but otherwise it was great, you are so good :)

    6. Great fun, and you are so pleasant to listen to.
      I must say that the loose powder I bought from you is super, very satisfied.
      Will be back with more orders, hugs :)

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