We celebrate 1 year together!

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    Do you know what we are celebrating this weekend? A year ago we opened the salon in Uppsala, wiiiie !!!

    A year ago, Creative Make Up was still its own salon with only Annika as owner, and I was the sole owner (with Miska as a free consultant haha) on our webshop Byher.se, and now I, Miska and Annika have been co-owners in Creative Makeup By Here for a whole year. Magically!

    A lot has happened, and an incredible amount of work has been put in. But now I feel for the first time that we have come over the start-up phase and that it is starting to roll "by itself" in a different way. We have 6 employees together (no longer staff shortages as in the spring, so good!) And are an incredibly good team! You really long for work every day :)

    I personally have had a bit of performance anxiety as the salon has received my biggest attention and it has been the first year that my blog (and the whole bit) has not really developed at all, rather the opposite. But soon we will also open our joint website creativemakeupcreativemakeup.se with both the webshop and the salon's website in the same, and I will start putting more gunpowder here and on social media. I have fixed a film camera as well and have big plans to get started with films (again) for real this time!

    So peppered and inspired for the autumn! :) Do you have wishes and ideas, so shout!

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    Thought the day in honor of offering some pictures of how nice we are in the salon:


    This is what it looks like this weekend! Then you are met by bubbles and a little tasty as soon as you enter the store :)1-ar-pa-salongen


    This is how the corner of the room looks from the outside :) We are super close to the train station.


    And this is how cozy it is when it's dark outside! We have pink lights on the ceiling in the make-up studio and on the checkout counter that lights up beautifully ♥


    Our wonderful make-up studio part, one of my favorite places on earth :) We have four make-up places with make-up mirrors from Sminkspegel.se (gets a lot of questions about them, available in smaller sizes and other colors as well) and two other treatment places with chairs you can fold down to lying position when you permanent the eyelashes.


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    Here you see Zahra with full focus on eyelash color :)


    Here you see one end of our nice shop!


    A very fun and wonderful workplace haha :)


    Nanshy makeup brushes ♥ As soon as we open the new webshop, more of these brushes will be available to order at home, which we currently only have in the store. Among other things, the brushes I use the most, contouring brush and pencil brush, so good! :)


    Here we have a monitor with touch buttons, it feels like you work in Bingolotto when you show pictures of this haha.


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    We have a total of 4 treatment rooms at the moment, here I have sneaked inside Amir;)


    Our beautiful entrance! The painting on me and Annika is painted by Kattis Palmnäs, you can both buy crisp paintings and specially order motifs from her :)


    And when you are going to do a treatment, you can hang out and put on a pair of cozy slippers if you want, very popular during the autumn and winter :)


    Our waiting room where we offer coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and have chilled drinks for sale if you wish. But I definitely think we should have bubbles a little more often;)



    If you are restless in the waiting room or have someone with you waiting while you do a treatment, we also have a playstation! And the armchairs you sit in have a vibration massage and heat in them too;)


    And if you want a relaxed moment, e.g. while you wait with anesthetic cream that should stay on for about 15-20 minutes, you can sit down in our large massage chair which also scans the body so that you get a massage adapted to your own measurements! It also has heat if desired, and speakers with bluetooth :)


    Now I feel very inspired and happy, with a packed day with bookings at the salon and a full day tomorrow as well. And lots of ideas bubbled up in my head;)

    Hope you all have a great Friday! ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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