We see it snowing

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My awakening this morning was not at the highest level in my taste if you say so;)
Woke up when Miska told me that there was a lot of snow outside, but still lay in bed and rested for a while longer.
Then it pours the satin cold water all over my back and head! He "happened" to pour a little more than he planned. Asshole… :)
I (with pitiful voice):
“Guuuuud how shitty…. Now I will really have to stay here and warm myself under the covers. That was not a smart move by you! ”
Now he compensates me by fixing a little breakfast while I blog, he is not evil straight through haha;)
And I'm not very annoyed with the snow either, it will probably melt away in a few days. And besides, it's just nicer next Saturday if it has been cold weather all week.
Because in 1 week we will go to TURKEY !!!
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