Wish make-up - Colorful with a focus on the lower lash line

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    The wish make-up just rolls in, super fun :) But I think it got a little boring to collect several pieces similar, and make a make-up that suits all of them at once, as I did for a while. Even though it is a good way to catch up with as many people as possible!

    Especially when I got a wish make-up where it said "I want a new one, I was not happy with the other", then I realized that it was not appreciated to do so and that is what is important. I want to make you happy :)

    So now I take one wish make-up at a time instead, but then it's an impossibility to do it all I hope you understand it. I do not have time to do 10 step-by-step make-ups in one day;)

    Well, here comes today's chosen ones!

    Keywords: I like all kinds of make-up. Everyday. Colorful. Eyeliner without wing. Sotad. Intensive.

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    “I'm 40… and like colors. I have blue-gray eyes.

    I like your idea of focusing on the lower fringe, but I also like to mix colors. For example. yellow and green… or maybe take out the turns even more with green? What colors go well with green? 

    No date, I can put on make-up like this for everyday (a little color click on life) as I call it. But completely without wing, black mascara, any color on the lower lash? TAAAACK! ”

    Glad you dare to use a lot of color in everyday life, it is liked! :)

    Green is super nice and the easiest way is to combine it with yellow and / or blue, as those colors are next to each other in the color circle.

    I have applied two natural eye shadows on the eyelid (but there you can do as you like, darker, lighter, one or more shadows) and then I have applied yellow, green and blue on the lower lash line, mostly green, and in addition I have also applied a dark green mascara under the eye!

    With flash.

    Without flash.

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    This eyeshadow from Make Up Store was linked, the shade Voodo Fever.

    Great, so I know about what shade to use as there are so many different! :)

    1. Light brown eye shadow on the entire eyelid, IsaDora Eye Shadow Quartet (20 Classic Brown)
    2. Brown eye shadow along the globe line, IsaDora Eye Shadow Quartet (20 Classic Brown)
    3. Yellow eye shadow at the bottom of the lower lash line, iMys 40 Palette.
    4. Green eye shadow in the middle of the lower lash line, iMys 40 Palette.
    5. Blue eye shadow at the bottom of the lower lash line, iMys 40 Palette.
    6. Brown-green eyeliner along the upper lash line and the waterline, Pur Minerals Eye Pencil (Hidden Treasure)
    7. Green mascara on the lower lashes, Make Up Store Colored Mascara (Green)
    Black mascara on the upper lashes, Lumene Cloudberry Volume Serum Mascara.

    Lip-gloss, Pure Minerals Gloss Stick (Beach Bum)

    Without flash.

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    Hope you are happy with the makeup and that you have received lots of inspiration!


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