Wish make-up - School photo

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    Now it's time for another wish make-up! The person would have it already tomorrow so this became a priority, but the make-up also fits in with yesterday's wishes!

    Basic word - Likes all kinds of make-up, Casual, Dark, Light.

    "Now I have a school card in two days (!!!) (now on Friday) and it is my last year in high school so I want to be as good-looking as possible! Do you have any advice? For everyday otherwise I use foundation, brown or pink blush, mascara and eyeliner because I am so lousy on eye shadow and lips. With your tips, I will learn to look my best! ;) thanks a lot in advance!

    Friday 13/9, I have blonde hair (silvery) ”


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    I have a lot of experience with school photography, did not miss a single one and besides, it was not too long since I myself was photographed at school for the last time :)

    You want to be extra good-looking at the same time as you want to be quite natural. The eyes should be visible in the crowd without being over-made up.

    My suggestion is:
    * Bright shimmery eye shadows that are easy to apply but still make the eyes shine a little extra.
    * White eyeliner along the waterline to open up the gaze.
    * Framed eyes with eyeliner to make them look bigger in the distance.
    * Discreet eyelinervinge to open up the eye a little extra.
    * Natural blush, put the brown in the temples and under the cheekbone and dab a little pink on the apple cheeks.
    * A nice lip gloss pencil "gloss stick" that is super easy to apply and improve on before shooting.
    * Add a little extra shimmery shadow in the corner of the eye to make your eyes stand out even more!

    The eye shadows come from IsaDora's 4-palette Golden Sunset.

    1. Champagne eyeshadow on the entire eyelid.
    2. The brightest eye shadow under the brow and in the corner of the eye.
    3. White eyeliner along the waterline, IsaDora Inliner Kajal (50 Satin White)
    4. Black eyeliner along the upper lash line and at the end of the lower lash line, Peggy Sage (Black)
    5. Soften the eyeliner with a small makeup brush.
    6. Pull out an eyeliner wing using the same brush.
    7. Finish with mascara on all the upper lashes and the outer lower lashes.
    I applied false eyelashes from Peggy Sage.

    Lip gloss stick, Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Sorbet (16 Wild Raspberries)

    Who does not want to look like this on the school card? Höhö :)

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    Other school photo tips:
    * Small color clicks around the eyes are not visible. Choose either a lot of color or nothing at all.
    * Light make-up highlights the eyes more than very dark in such bright light as it often is on school photos.
    * Because you do not know where you will be placed, avoid tank tops with narrow or no shoulder straps. If you sit in the middle, you will "take up" the whole picture.
    * Same thing with hair, choose a hairstyle that looks good at all angles. Released usually works best.
    * Some school photographers set out to edit out pimples if you have a huge one that is really visible, and pray kindly. But do not say this so that schoolmates hear, if everyone prays they will not say yes to anyone.
    * A hair accessory, such as a flower or a hair band, becomes super nice and does more for the image than a necklace / bracelet / rings.
    * A discreet lip gloss is always nice on school cards!


    Hope you are happy with the makeup and good luck tomorrow!

    Feel free to send the picture later so I can see! :)

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