Wonderful fragrance mist from Yves Rocher

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    Yves Rocher has finally released his July news! I have longed for this as I had them at home for several months, I got them when I was invited to their press breakfast this spring, and was super eager to review them for you :)

    And impatient I, who usually can not keep myself from reviewing if I like something, have managed to bite my tongue and waited! I understand that it must be frustrating for you to read about a good product that you want to buy, and it does not exist yet. But now there is their news that I will write some posts about in the next few days.

    First out is my absolute favorite, their new fragrance mist, Yves Rocher Refreshing Fragrance Mist - Apple Star Anise*, with the scent of apple and star anise!

    yves-rocher-apple star-anise

    A fragrance mist is used for several different reasons, but mainly as a lighter variant of perfume. It is also cooling and moisturizing, and you can either spray a little or on the whole body - unlike a perfume that is often dehydrating + highly concentrated, so with it you have to be careful not to become a "perfume bomb".

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    I spray this mist from Yves Rocher all over my body, without clothes. And I usually use it as a room spray as well, it smells so good :)

    Yves Rocher's Fragrance Mist Apple Star Anise smells just like you hear in the name - apple and star anise. I do not really know how real star anise smells, but I love this fragrance mix! So fresh, light and sweet without getting gooey. You can spray a lot without it smelling strong. Two thumbs up!

    The scent does not last as long as a perfume, but I think it lasts longer than regular body mists that easily lose the scent after a while. But because it is so easy to use, and that it is not possible to take too much, you can easily have it in your handbag and improve the scent if you want it from morning to evening. A hot day now in the summer, it's just nice to spray yourself with it :)

    On a really hot day (either before the summer ends or for you who are going abroad) it is super nice to have the mist standing in the fridge! Take it out in the morning, or at night if needed, and spray over the body so it becomes cool and fresh immediately.


    This fragrance mist contains 100 ml and costs SEK 89, in addition it is a Limited Edition so it will not be available in stores all the time.

    Also see that Yvesrocher.se* right now has both free shipping and SALE on lots of things, so it might be worth checking out there! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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