YAG Mineral - You Are Gorgeous

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    I have not had time to change this in the webshop yet, but to make a long story short, nudh mineral will change its name to YAG Mineral!

    It's exactly the same content, nothing has changed except the logo!

    I can also gossip that there will be a lot of news at the end of the year, it will be really exciting! And already this summer, there will be new eyeshadow colors that I will show you soon! :)

    And if anyone has missed it, this is a mineral brand that I sell in mine webshop. The entire makeup series is completely organic and is made from the absolute finest ingredients in Halmstad!

    New sign

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    YAG stands for You ARE Gorgeous - a slogan I can really stand for! You are beautiful, and makeup is just to highlight your face, your creativity and your self-esteem!

    yag mineral you are gorgeous

    But oh how difficult it will be for me to change my routines, I write / say nudh mineral of pure reflex, and in addition the products that contain "nudh" in the color will also change to "YAG" such as e.g. the eyeshadow shade I used in yesterday's make-up, it was called Nudh Magical but will now be called YAG Magical instead. So you can apologize if I happen to mix nudh and YAG like this in the beginning :)

    So in other words, you who order "nudh mineral" in the webshop will get home products with the YAG Mineral logo, even though I have not had time to change text + images yet. However, the lip gloss and brushes will keep the nudh logo for a while longer (on the powder products, just replace the lids, but it will be more difficult with the other products).

    New YAG mineral logo (1)


    Hope you get used to it faster than me, and if you want to search my blog for a specific make-up in the future, remember to write nudh mineral even though it is now called YAG Mineral, I will not edit all old posts;)

    Hug hug!

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