10.0.6 Down to the pore - Pore strips

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    I have received a home sample of "pore strips" from the skin care brand Formula 10.0.6 that you have on your nose, which is a type of patch you attach to the skin and then when you pull it off, blackheads and impurities follow. Can be compared to all these black face masks that become like a black leather mask that you pull off, which you have probably seen a lot of? :)

    Formula 10.0.6 Down to the pore comes in a package with 6 stripes and costs SEK 79.


    These pore strips contain tea tree which "detoxifies" the nose thanks to antibacterial properties and is also soothing to the skin. As well as kaolin which absorbs oil and impurities from the pores. Recommended use is 1-3 times a week, and I have only tested once so can not answer how the result will be after regular use.


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    The strip itself is matte on one side, and on the other side is a protective plastic as it is a bit sticky.

    Why do you do this?
    Either you can do this as a quick treatment before e.g. a party. A quick way to get rid of visible blackheads! But it is a good thing to do regularly also to clean the pores, then the toner and all skin creams come in properly and can work much better. In addition, there is often a lot of dirt and bacteria in the blackheads, which for logical reasons you of course want to get rid of from the skin.

    What to think about?
    The pores are still open immediately afterwards, and it may take a while for them to contract again. Therefore, I recommend doing this in the evening, and not if you are going to put on make-up immediately afterwards. Use soothing products afterwards and let the skin rest. It is also good that the strips contain tea tree which has antibacterial properties.

    So do this the day before you go on something special :)


    1. Wash your face.
    2. Wet the nose thoroughly, otherwise the strip will not adhere. Use warm water and the pores will open up a bit as well.
    3. Remove the protective plastic and attach the strip over the nose (or in the desired area, you can use it on the cheeks, etc. as well, but it is made for the nose)
    Let it dry and work for 10-15 minutes.
    5. When the strip is completely stiff, you can pull it off carefully, and then all the pores will follow!

    Tip! I washed my face quickly, but for the most effective results, the pores should be as open and warm as possible. Make a facial sauna before (boil water, remove the pan from the stove, keep your head over the water vapor for about 10 minutes). For best results, I would peel the skin afterwards as well and finish with a face mask - but I did not have time for that myself.


    Red as attan I became afterwards haha! And on me there was some glue left on the skin afterwards, so it can be a good idea to wash afterwards as well.

    What do I think 10.0.6 Down to the pore?
    I like them! I have tried several black face masks that work with the same principle, but they make it a little worse to pull off and for me reputation many small hairs on the purchase as well. This one feels milder against the skin, but still effective - it was seen on all the pores that were stuck to the strip later.

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    However, if you have blackheads all over your face, it is a better idea with a mask, this is for a fairly small area.

    The use was simple, effective even if you did it quickly with quick wash and hot water, but will certainly be even more effective if you heat the skin properly before. It felt a bit like plaster when it dried but it was easy to pull off.

    Afterwards, the skin around the nose felt incredibly clean, and also very smooth. Here you see what the strip looked like after removal:


    Can you show your blackheads like this or is it disgusting? ;)

    I photographed before and after on the nose as well, but did not think so far before so only photographed straight from the front, so the difference is not super big because as you can see it is mostly on the sides, around the nostrils, that I had a lot of pores. So I skip the pictures in the post.

    Have any of you tested these? What do you think? :)

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    1. I would love to try this! But as you said, it would be good if they might make a mask for the face as well;) Have tested such strips for the nose from other brands but have not felt that they did well but this one seems really good! Hug

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