Pixi Natural Brow Duo - Soft black

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    Now Pixi's awesome eyebrow pencil is available Natural Brow Duo also in the shade Soft Black at Byher.se!

    I absolutely love these pencils and my friend Frida thinks it is among the best she bought - because they are so easy to use, so durable (waterproof and rub-proof) and she also has very long straws that settle unevenly during the day and the colored gel in this duo product is perfect for it :)


    The shade Soft black is perfect for people with dark brown or black hair, as well as people with gray hair who still want a little darkness in the eyebrows. The shade is neither black nor gray, but is a very, very cold dark brown shade that becomes natural and nice on the eyebrows.

    If you are light on the hand, you can easily get a brighter result if desired.

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    Read more at Byher.se so you see pictures and instructions on how to use the pen!


    Here you see the three shades that are available :)

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    1. Hey! Like you (if I understood correctly) I have a rather oily skin, especially around the nose (where my makeup always disappears after a couple of hours). If you choose yourself, without showing new products for your blog (or thinking about my nose problem) What do you choose then ??

      • Hello Hello! I use degrading primer from paese as a base, and always finish my make-up by dabbing on quite a lot of degrading powder, for preventive purposes, Paese bamboo silk powder is super good. Then the skin stays matte much, much longer! Then it is important to have a foundation that suits oily skin as well, mineral foundation is great but there is also good liquid if you prefer it. Namely, it is all factors together that help, if you have a problem area that is oily, then maybe just degrading powder is not enough to get rid of it, and if you have both powder and primer but a foundation that does not fit oily skin then it can also destroy everything.

        Also remember to have a day cream that is also suitable for oily skin :) Hugs!

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